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Adopt Your Next Pet from a Shelter

The choices available when it comes to adopting a dog are endless. The only problem is that most people do not seem to be aware of the fact that the country’s shelters are bursting with wonderful, adoptable dogs. They choose, instead, to purchase a pet from a breeder, or worse yet, a pet store. It is becoming more widely known that most pet stores are supplied by animals from puppy mills, where the conditions for the animals are abysmal for the poor overbred animals who are kept in terrible conditions with no warm bed or loving touch. A vet at one Las Vegas animal hospital sees the ill and unhealthy pets purchased from puppy mills all of the time, and the lack of responsible breeding is largely behind this problem. Often, once the female pet is no longer producing puppies for the puppy mill, they are discarded or killed, never knowing the love of a permanent home or family.