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Awareness is the First Step Toward Stopping Animal Abuse

The plight of animals and abuse is one that is often underestimated until people begin to become aware of what a huge problem it is. Every day, animals are abused, injured or killed, and often in horrific ways that are difficult to imagine. One Las Vegas veterinarian shares some of the stories of cases he has seen that have caused him to lose sleep at night. Unfortunately, it is not only companion animals who fall victim to abuse. I see stories every day about all types of animals, from every country in the world, who are being victimized in unimaginal ways. Whether it be purposeful abuse or simple neglect, the cruelty of humans never ceases to amaze me. However, I also see stories of great courage and compassion by angels who live their lives to help save these poor helpless animals and spread awareness to others to help give the silent victims a voice.