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Chlorine In Pools And Pets

Pet Tip: Is the chlorine in my swimming pool safe for my dogs?

Just like people, many dogs seek water to cool off on a hot summer day. Swimming is a great exercise for dogs, and a wonderful bonding activity. Some dogs love to play in the water, and this includes swimming pools. One question that tends to come up is whether chlorine is safe for dogs to ingest. Overall, the mount of chlorine in a pool is not likely to be harmful to dogs if they’re simply swimming. The main concern is that dogs will also ingest large amounts of pool water while they’re swimming. This can lead to salt poisoning or an electrolyte imbalance similar to drinking ocean water, and may cause vomiting or loose stools. To prevent this, keep plenty of fresh water available while your pets are swimming. The fresh water will be more appealing to the dogs than the pool water. Additionally, chlorine and other commonly used pool chemicals can irritate the eyes or skin of some dogs. Some of this may be alleviated by hosing them off with clean water after they have been in the pool. If your dog begins to scratch or develop skin issues after swimming in the pool, it is a good idea to keep them out of the pool. With careful observation and common sense, your dog can have fun and get some exercise safely while enjoying a cool dip in the pool during those dog days of summer.