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Creating Animal Abuse Awareness

I have grown increasingly interested in what has been developing recently in online social media sites with regard to animal activism. For years, organizations such as PETA and the SPCA have used street activism and television commercials and exposes to spread the word and raise money and awareness. Social media has become much more personal with regard to this approach, and the story of a single abuse case can create an overwhelming response. People show a more viceral response when they see the story of a single animal, and are more likely to donate money towards that animal’s care because they feel a connection to them and know specifically what they are donating for. One story in particular that is a perfect example of this is the story of a starved pit bull that became named Patrick, named after the holiday in March that he was rescued. Pictures of him first surfaced on Facebook showing him on the table at a veterinary hospital, appearing as though he had already passed. One hundred fifteen thousand followers and as many dollars later, a significant movement developed that followed him through his recovery, and has been responsible for the rescue of hundreds of additional abused animals.