Dietary Counseling

Veterinary Services

In order for your pet to live a long, healthy, and happy life, you need to be mindful of his or her nutrition and weight.  Obesity is the most common diseases in pets.  Obesity shortens pets’ life spans; research shows that the average life expectancy of an obese pet is 30 percent shorter than that of a normal-weight pet.  Obesity is also one of the most important factors in the development of arthritis.  At Pet Health Hospital the emphasis is on obesity prevention.

A pet’s energy and nutrient needs vary based on its stage of life, sterilization status, and activity.  Dietary adjustments often have to be made as early as after spaying and neutering your pet in order to prevent problems.  As part of our Canine Health and Feline Health Lifetime Care Programs, your pet’s Body Condition Score will be assessed every time your pet visits.  We will create a custom nutritional and dietary program based on your pet’s individual needs in order to ensure your dog or cat is healthy and meeting all of its nutrients needs. A Pet Health Hospital  professional will then determine whether a dry or canned food diet is appropriate, for example, and will weigh other factors like carbohydrates and fiber.  Customizing a dietary plan for your pet ensures that your pet stays within the appropriate body condition score and fends off potential health issues.