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We are all accustomed to making veterinary appointments when our pets are due for vaccines, but the Pet Health Hospital approach is different.  We focus on maintaining the good health of our feline patients through our Feline Health Lifetime Care Program.  Our program is not just based on vaccines, but it also includes wellness exams, preventative wellness screens, and breed-specific monitoring.  Studies have shown that this type of proactive wellness care increases the health and quality of life of your cat.

Your cat is special and unique not only because of his or her personality, but also in terms of the medical care he or she needs.  The Feline Health Lifetime Care Program is not a cookie-cutter solution. Each wellness plan is designed to meet the specific needs of each cat. Every cat is unique based on its breed, genetics, past medical history, travel history, and exposure to other pets.

Make a veterinarian appointment, and we will show you the Pet Health Hospital difference.  The Feline Health Lifetime Care Program provides the most comprehensive and breed-specific wellness plan in Las Vegas.  We will take the time to get to know you and your cat, and then design an individualized wellness plan that will add years to your cat’s life.

Why are cat veterinary visits and wellness exams important?

People in the United States own 78.2 million dogs, compared to 86.4 million cats. Given those numbers, you might expect veterinarians to see more cats in their clinics than dogs.

However, the opposite is true, and it’s partly because of some common myths. Typical cat owners believe their cats are self-sufficient and will recover from minor illnesses and injuries without medical care. They may also believe that cats will show signs of illness long before a situation becomes serious enough to consult a vet.

Unfortunately, cats are masters of disguise when it comes to the state of their health, and signs of illness or injury may not be evident until a concern becomes a crisis. By that time, fewer treatment options are usually available, and the cost of treatment may be much higher. Because cats are smaller animals, their bodies change quickly, narrowing the window of opportunity for successful medical treatment.

At Pet Health Hospital our Feline Health Lifetime Care Program recommends veterinary wellness exams at least once a year to ensure that our feline friends stay healthy. Older cats and those with a history of health problems may need to have a wellness exam more often. Routine wellness exams through our Feline Health Lifetime Care Program can detect issues early enough to provide a range of treatment options, and early intervention tends to improve the likelihood of a good outcome.

What makes Pet Health Hospital cat-friendly? 

Does your cat hate going to the veterinarian?  Does taking your cat to the vet stress you out?  Have you had a bad experience with your cat at another animal hospital?  At Pet Health Hospital we understand all of these concerns and want to make your cat’s veterinary experience better.

We love cats at Pet Health Hospital, and we want our hospital to be a comfortable place for your cat to visit.  Our goal at Pet Health Hospital includes reducing fear and pain for cats and decreasing anxiety for pet parents. We work to create a bond among the veterinarian, the client, and the cat, and we continually reinforce that bond by building trust and confidence to provide better lifelong medical care for our patients.

We understand that cats are creatures of habit and may be nervous in the unfamiliar surroundings of a veterinary clinic. Our staff does everything possible to reduce stress for you and your cat, including scheduling dog and cat appointments at different times to avoid potential issues. We ask clients to bring items with them that carry a familiar scent and to notify us in advance if a cat is easily upset. Anxious cats can be taken to an exam room immediately upon arrival, and the room can be prepared in advance with toys and treats to help create a good experience.

At Pet Health Hospital our motto is “go slow to go fast” during exams. We conduct examinations wherever the cat is most comfortable, including the bottom half of the carrier. Because cats tend to be more at ease when they feel invisible, we sometimes use towels to facilitate handling, which gives the cat the impression that it is safely hidden.

Cats sense and react to tension in their owners, so we encourage clients to remain calm and positive during exams. Most procedures are performed in the exam room to avoid the increased stress of moving the cat.

With preparation, understanding, and a calm approach, we are able to make most visits for our clients at Pet Health Hospital relatively stress free for cats and their pet parents. By ending each visit on a positive note, we help our feline patients feel increasingly comfortable with each veterinarian appointment.

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