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Finding a Good Vet Can Be a Long and Expensive Process

Sometimes, it is hard to find a vet that is both affordable and compassionate. Having had four dogs, all of whom have had a variety of health issues or conditions, I have seen more than my fair share of veterinarians in my day. For years, I was either unhappy with the quality of care or felt as though I was being overcharged or taken advantage of with unnecessary care or procedures. One vet, in trying to diagnose a problem with one of my dogs, suggested test after test, and after he finally started to repeat previously tried tests, I finally knew that it was time to end his gravy train with me. It wasn’t until I asked the rescue organization I adopted one of my pets from who they used that I found the best veterinarian I had ever had. In Las Vegas veterinary hospitals seem to be on every block, and finding a good vet can be a very expensive and drawn out task. I am now that person who can honestly refer anyone who may ask to the best doctor for their pet available locally.