Pet Health Hospital

Give a Dog a Second Chance

The dogs who are lucky enough to be born into a loving home will experience love throughout their lives, never knowing how bad some others have it. Too many end up in homes where they are beaten, abused, and neglected. Some are born to be fighting dogs, others end up as bait dogs, depending upon their personalities. Some are simply starved to death. The remaining dogs end up in shelters, hoping every day that someone will come to take them home and love them. A depressingly large percentage of dogs ending up in shelters are euthanized. One Las Vegas veterinarian works with several rescue organizations, offering them discounted rate services to treat and rehabilitate animals so that they may finally find that loving home. Those are the lucky dogs. The ones who rescuers try to give a second chance to believe and trust in humans once again. Those are the dogs who will appreciate you the most.