Pet Health Hospital

Help Animals in Many Different Ways

It is frustrating to hear so many people say that they would like to help abused animals, but (blank). So many reasons are given. I don’t have the money. I can’t own pets where I live. I have other pets, so I can’t. There are endless reasons given to excuse themselves from taking any action. The truth is, there is no real reason to not help. Everyone has the ability to do something. Report known abuse. Donate money to shelters and rescue organizations. Adopt from a shelter or rescue rather than breeders or pet shops. Spay and neuter your own pets. Donate your time to volunteer at a shelter or rescue. According to one vet who works in Las Vegas veterinary hospitals often even welcome volunteers to help them with caring for animals being boarded, performing tasks such as walking or feeding pets. There is no excuse to not help needy animals in some capacity.