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It Can Be Difficult to Find a Good Veterinarian

Sourcing out an affordable and reliable veterinarian can be as difficult a task as finding a good doctor for yourself or your family. The difference is that every person sees a doctor, but not everyone has a pet and sees a veterinarian. One thing I finally learned was that asking organizations who deal with animal rescue can be some of the best sources of referrals there are, since they often need to use the services of a vet due to the nature of their cause. Money is usually very tight with rescue groups, not that it isn’t for us all, but a large percentage of animals who make it into rescue do so because of an injury, illness, or other health condition that requires medical attention. In Las Vegas veterinary hospitals seem to be on every block, so I requested a referral from the local rescue group that I got two of my pets, and that doctor turned out to be the best I have ever had.