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Las Vegas Makes Animal Abuse Laws Tougher

The cases of animal abuse seem endless, but with the advent of the internet, awareness spreads more rapidly. There are cases in Belgium that develop followings in the USA, and worldwide, people are banding together to stop animal cruelty. This problem exists all over the world, even here in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas veterinary hospitals see cases of abuse and neglect every day. The laws have not in the past been strong enough to effectively prosecute perpetrators of crimes against animals, but recently, a law was passed that made some acts of cruelty a felony. This makes the ability to enforce the law stronger, and gives more incentive to people to report suspected abuse cases to authorities. Although it seems like animals do not receive the justice they deserve when it comes to their rights, we are moving in leaps and bounds toward a better world, where they are treated more like family than in the past.