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Looking Forward to the Joys of Spring

As spring is about to sprout, outdoor events are just around the corner. Nothing is as welcoming as leaving the dreary, cold winter months and attending new outdoor events and soaking up the sun. There are several local Las Vegas events that I am looking forward to soon, such as Viva Las Vegas, a rockabilly-inspired festival, and the Laughlin river run, a long-standing annual motorcycle gathering. My Las Vegas veterinarian recently told me about a local event called the Las Vegas Pet Expo, which I have not yet been to, but from what I understand, it is a complete event for pets, including adoptions, products, services, and general information. I am always looking for events that allow me to include my dogs, and this sounds perfect. Regardless of the upcoming events, I am looking forward to shaking off my winter doldrums and once again enjoying the pleasures of being outdoors and in the sunshine.