Pet Health Hospital

Making a Difference, One Rescue at a Time

The desire to rescue and help injured and abused animals can become an overwhelming task. Just when one has been saved, it seems that two more cases pop up. This can be discouraging to some, but it is important to remember that, although you cannot save them all, you can have a significant impact in the lives of the ones you are able to help. Sometimes, the simple act of adopting one single animal from a shelter gives that one a life they could not or did not previously have. This may seem minimal, especially when hearing all of the statistics of how many animals at shelters are euthanized. However, according to one doctor who is the owner of several Las Vegas veterinary hospitals, one of the most tragic things about their business is having to send an animal who has been abandoned to the shelter, knowing the slim odds they have of being placed in a home. Adopting just this one pet saves their life. And with that, if enough people subscribed to this way of thinking and do the same, just think what an overall impact this would have on many lives. That is how to make a difference.