Pet Health Hospital

Managing Health Issues in Dogs As They Age Preserves Quality of Life

My two dogs are both far beyond senior citizenship, at the ages of 14 and 15. Although they are both still quite happy, even at their ages, sometimes the body cannot keep up with the mind. One is almost completely blind, with arthritis and digestive issues that have caused her to become very thin and weak. The other is almost completely deaf, and has extreme arthritis and disc disease in her lower back that has left her semi-paralyzed. But, that has not stopped her from doing her best to get to the dog bowl as fast as possible at dinner time. The vet at our Las Vegas animal hospital has done a fantastic job of managing their issues appropriately so that they can remain happy through their golden years. Although there is not a lot of jumping up on the furniture or running around, as long as my two old ladies are happy, everything is perfect.