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Creating Animal Abuse Awareness

I have grown increasingly interested in what has been developing recently in online social media sites with regard to animal activism. For years, organizations such as PETA and the SPCA have used street activism and television commercials and exposes to

How to Find a Quality and Reputable Veterinarian

There are many reasons to take your pet to the veterinarian, and just like for yourself and the rest of the family, it is important to find a quality doctor for your pet. Unfortunately, as it can be with doctors

“Kissing Bugs” and Chagas Disease in Dogs

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of discussion on the internet about American Trypanosomiasis Parasitic Infection that is brought on by the bite of a parasitic insect known as the “Kissing Bug.” While this disease is

Moving Means Having to Find New Doctors for Both Yourself and Your Pets

The best way to find a new doctor is through a reliable reference. This could be from another reputable doctor, or through a friend or family member. One of the more difficult things I have found to do is to

Pet Breed Specific Care

Pet Health Animal Hospital is a different kind of pet medical facility. We were founded on the idea that if we can prevent an illness or disease in an animal using minimal cost vaccinations and exams, it is better

Las Vegas Veterinarian

In Las Vegas, there are many veterinarians. We feel we are the best choice for your pet, and we feel that if you come by our animal hospital to take a tour and see our facilities, you will feel the

4 Reasons To Choose Pet Health Animal Hospital As Your Veterinarian In Las Vegas

There are many different reasons to choose one animal hospital in Las Vegas over another, with the most important reasons obviously being convenience in traveling from your home and the experience levels of the veterinarians on staff at the location.

Live In Las Vegas And Have A Pet? Call Us First!

There are many Las Vegas veterinarians to choose from, all with different specialties and areas of expertise.  The most obvious reason that one Las Vegas resident would choose to bring their pet to a specific veterinarian is proximity to their

What is wellness care and illness prevention in veterinary medicine?

“Pet patients over profits.” Healthcare in animals is as important as it is in human beings to pay attention to if a long and happy life is to be enjoyed, both on the part of the patient as well as

Las Vegas Veterinarian

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities in the world, with thousands of visitors every month as well as millions of permanent residents.  Medical care is necessary for all of these people, and medical care is equally important

Las Vegas Veterinarian Attempts To Increase Pet Adoption Rates

With our recently launched website community “Pet Adoption Las Vegas” we are attempting to create a community hub where Las Vegas residents who adopt pets through rescues and shelters can get support, tips and advice.  One of the most difficult

Veterinarian Provides Cancer Warning Signs

Nobody ever wants to hear that their pet has cancer, and one of the best methods of swaying the odds in your pet’s favor and helping them to have a better chance of survival is to catch it as early

Pet Health Hospital Launches The “Pet Program”

Pet Health Hospital has launched a social media campaign designed to both inform those interested in learning specifics of programs that are offered but additionally engage pet parents who want to follow and promote the ongoing achievement levels that their

Why lifetime veterinary care is superior

The philosophy behind the veterinary care that your pet receives is one of the most important aspects of the entire process.  While most people are conditioned to believe that the job of a veterinarian is to simply treat illnesses in

Pet Health Hospital Chooses Las Vegas SEO Focus Internet Services

Pet Health Hospital has contracted with Focus Internet Services to provide SEO and website design services. Being a local business within the Las Vegas area, Pet Health Hospital finds it important to contract with a Las Vegas SEO in order

Which Las Vegas veterinarians offer pet lifetime care programs?

Pet wellness and lifetime care programs are not typically practiced by many veterinarians, and as far as we know our clinic is the only one in Las Vegas that is utilizing specific lifetime wellness programs in order to aid our

Selecting The Best Animal Doctor In Las Vegas For Your Pet

Selecting The Best Animal Doctor In Las Vegas For Your Pet Proud pet owners in Las Vegas seeking a friendly and knowledgeable animal doctor need look no further than Pet Health & Lifetime Care Center on Desert Inn. Whether you

Veterinary Hospital in Las Vegas

Veterinary Hospital in Las Vegas Pet Health & Lifetime Care Center on Desert Inn is a unique veterinary hospital concept in Las Vegas. Located at 8520 West Desert Inn Road, our philosophy at Pet Health Hospital is to provide the

New Pet Hospital in Las Vegas

New Pet Hospital in Las Vegas A new pet hospital in Las Vegas is changing the face of veterinary care. Pet Health and Lifetime Care Center on Desert Inn is the brainchild of Las Vegas veterinarian Dr Mark Beerenstrauch, who

Fireworks Scare Pets

More pets get lost  on the fourth of July than on any other day of the year.  There are multiple reasons for this statistic, primarily because many animals are afraid of the loud noises associated with fireworks and the fact

Veterinary Hospital in Las Vegas

Veterinary Hospital in Las Vegas Pet Health & Lifetime Care Center on Desert Inn is a unique veterinary hospital concept in Las Vegas. Located at 8520 West Desert Inn Road, our philosophy at Pet Health Hospital is to provide the

The Modern Veterinarian

Medical science with regards to human beings has evolved over the years to take into account not just the treatment of  disease and injury, but also the prevention of avoidable maladies and conditions through vaccinations, wellness programs, regular checkups and

Choosing The Right Las Vegas Veterinarian

One of the single most important choices you will make regarding the health and well being of your pet is the finding of the best veterinarian available in the area. In Las Vegas, there are a lot of veterinarians and

Opening 1-27-14 For Veterinary Services

Pet Health Hospital will be officially opening for business on Monday, January 27 2104. We look forward to providing you with the highest quality veterinary services and animal care in Las Vegas. Please contact us directly to arrange for your

A New Type Of Veterinary Center

Pet Health Hospital will be the first veterinary center and animal hospital of it’s kind to service the Las Vegas area.  This unique concept was developed by Dr. Mark Beerenstrauch in order to provide better animal care to his patients,