Pet Health Hospital

Not All Veterinary Hospitals Are Created Equally

There are many animal hospitals in Las Vegas, but not all are created equally. Some are obviously a good place for new veterinarians to enter the field and learn, but not necessarily the best veterinarians to choose for your pet. Some others have become adept at over doing tests and other unnecessary procedures to increase the patient’s bill. Although there are some unscrupulous doctors out there, they are not the norm. Veterinary hospitals survive based upon their reputations, and therefore most try their best to operate in the most honest ways possible. Unlike human doctors, health insurance is not that common for pets, so referrals must come by way of reputation and word of mouth. The Las Vegas animal hospital I currently use is Pet Health Hospital, and I first found them through a referral from the rescue organization I adopted one of my dogs from. After having tried several local vets before them, I have realized just how special they are, and tell anyone who needs a referral about them.