Pet Health Hospital

Pet-safe Insect Repellant

As the summer months get hotter and hotter, there is more exposure to insects for your pet than in the winter months. This is because insects are more active in warmer weather and there is a greater chance of your pet spending longer periods of time outdoors than in the winter (even though we suggest keeping your dog or cat inside in our hot Las Vegas weather just as much as in the cold.) With the warmer temperatures and the added outdoor activity, your pet is coming in contact with many more insects than previously. Insect repellents are a suggestion in order to keep fleas and ticks away, and there are many flea collars available that will certainly help.

One question that is asked very often is if there are any natural insect repellents that can be made at home and which are safe to spray on your pet, the way we spray insect repellents on our own skin. One natural way to repel insects from landing on your pet is to mix two teaspoons of pure vanilla extract with one cup of water. Put this mixture into a spray bottle and mist your pets as necessary, being careful not to spray it into their eyes. This natural repellent will not only make your pet’s coat smell like vanilla, but it will also help to keep those pesky mosquitos away.