Pet Tips

Las Vegas Cold Weather Is Harmful To Pets

Residents of Las Vegas have surely noticed the steep drop in temperatures over the last few weeks.  This cold front has lasted longer than a typical Las Vegas winter and has brought sub-freezing temperatures to the valley for many days

The Best Veterinarians Are Ones Who Love Animals

When you live in a city like ours, you need to set up relationships with some basic service providers like doctors, dentists, and other professionals. If you have animals that live with you, finding the best Las Vegas veterinarian is

Rescue Dog Loved His Doctor

As an avid supporter of animal rights and an active rescuer, I have seen my fair share of visits to the vet. One of my rescues alone made numerous visits for issues such as obesity, knee replacement, sudden blindness, and

Social Media Helping to Strengthen Animal Rights

There has been a strong movement lately on Facebook and other social media circles toward the networking of animals who have been abused and/or need homes. This relatively new medium used in this way has been responsible for the placement

Online Communities Helping Abused Animals

The stories online that expose the horrors of animal abuse are sometimes difficult to handle. Many people choose not to pay attention to abuse because it is upsetting, however, the abuse is still going on whether they pay attention or

Making a Difference, One Rescue at a Time

The desire to rescue and help injured and abused animals can become an overwhelming task. Just when one has been saved, it seems that two more cases pop up. This can be discouraging to some, but it is important to

Las Vegas Makes Animal Abuse Laws Tougher

The cases of animal abuse seem endless, but with the advent of the internet, awareness spreads more rapidly. There are cases in Belgium that develop followings in the USA, and worldwide, people are banding together to stop animal cruelty. This

Help Animals in Many Different Ways

It is frustrating to hear so many people say that they would like to help abused animals, but (blank). So many reasons are given. I don’t have the money. I can’t own pets where I live. I have other pets,

Give a Dog a Second Chance

The dogs who are lucky enough to be born into a loving home will experience love throughout their lives, never knowing how bad some others have it. Too many end up in homes where they are beaten, abused, and neglected.

Rescue a Dog, Give Them a Chance to Be Loved

The best way to find a dog who will love you more than any other is to give a homeless dog a second chance. Often, homeless dogs originate from abuse, neglect, injury, and being lost or stolen. Others are simply

Take Obesity in Pets Seriously

When I rescued my beautiful pug dog, he weighed in at a whopping thirty five pounds. The normal weight for a dog this size is about twenty five pounds, which meant that about one third of his body weight was

Raise Awareness About Animal Abuse

I am interested in the increasing awareness toward the problem of animal abuse and general animal welfare that seems to be growing. It makes me happy every time someone who did not know about this widespread problem sees the light

Awareness is the First Step Toward Stopping Animal Abuse

The plight of animals and abuse is one that is often underestimated until people begin to become aware of what a huge problem it is. Every day, animals are abused, injured or killed, and often in horrific ways that are

Adopt Your Next Pet from a Shelter

The choices available when it comes to adopting a dog are endless. The only problem is that most people do not seem to be aware of the fact that the country’s shelters are bursting with wonderful, adoptable dogs. They choose,

Adopt a Shelter Pet

The problem of overcrowding in the shelters all over the country result in the euthanizing of thousands of animals every day. The overcrowding in shelters is the result of indiscriminant breeding and lack of spaying and neutering of pets. In

Prevent Pets from Being Euthanized

The plight of homeless animals can be an endless and depressing one. Each year, hundreds of thousands of pets are euthanized at overwhelmed shelters all over the country. The need to spay and neuter animals is the biggest problem, and

Dental Care for Pets is Important

Dental care for your pet is as important to them as your own dental care is to you. Pets, unlike us, are unable to brush their own teeth, so they are particularly prone to dental disease. Gingivitis and tooth loss

Finding a Good Vet Can Be a Long and Expensive Process

Sometimes, it is hard to find a vet that is both affordable and compassionate. Having had four dogs, all of whom have had a variety of health issues or conditions, I have seen more than my fair share of veterinarians

It Can Be Difficult to Find a Good Veterinarian

Sourcing out an affordable and reliable veterinarian can be as difficult a task as finding a good doctor for yourself or your family. The difference is that every person sees a doctor, but not everyone has a pet and sees

Moving Comes with It’s Own Set of Challenges

Sometimes, moving far away can be difficult. Not just the actual transition itself, and the difficulties that are involved, but the unfamiliarity of the new environment as well. It can be frustrating to adjust to a completely new and foreign

Looking Forward to the Joys of Spring

As spring is about to sprout, outdoor events are just around the corner. Nothing is as welcoming as leaving the dreary, cold winter months and attending new outdoor events and soaking up the sun. There are several local Las Vegas

Focus on Vet Care in Dogs Changes As They Age

As my dogs are fully in the twilight years of their lives at the ages of 14 and 15, I have found myself spending more time and money than ever on their vet care. I have who I consider to

Not All Veterinary Hospitals Are Created Equally

There are many animal hospitals in Las Vegas, but not all are created equally. Some are obviously a good place for new veterinarians to enter the field and learn, but not necessarily the best veterinarians to choose for your pet.

It is Difficult to Find Good Doctors and Vets when New to Town

When I first moved to Las Vegas, there were a few things that I had to address right away. Finding a new doctor and dentist for myself and husband were two things on the top of that list. Another was

Managing Health Issues in Dogs As They Age Preserves Quality of Life

My two dogs are both far beyond senior citizenship, at the ages of 14 and 15. Although they are both still quite happy, even at their ages, sometimes the body cannot keep up with the mind. One is almost completely

Preventive Medical Care and Maintenance As Important to Our Pets As It is to Us

When our pets become ill or injured, we know that it is time to bring them to an animal hospital for critical medical attention. What many people tend to forget, though, is that ongoing preventive care and exams, and especially

Finding the Best Animal Hospital

There are many things a veterinary practice can do to be the best they can be, and not all of those things necessarily relate to the quality of the medical care itself. I searched for what I thought was the

Use Care when Seeking the Best Vet for Your Pets

More and more people are now beginning to value their pets as a part of the family. Part of this is participating actively in their health care. Just as it is for ourselves and the other human members of the

Pet Health Insurance May Save the Lives of Our Pets

More and more people are getting pets as another member of their family, not just to be a pet. These days, there are more people choosing to not have children, and for many of them, their pets have become their

What Our Pets Really Want

There are many ways to show our pets that we care. We may buy them the fanciest collars, the best food we can find, or bring them along everywhere we go. Nothing shows them that we care, however, more than

Is pet wellness care like human programs?

Many years ago, doctors figured out that preventing many illnesses and diseases in humans involved changing your lifestyle, eating habits and regularity with which you are examined by a medical professional.

We Know Your Breed

When many people adopt their new pet, they are looking for something specific. This does not necessarily mean that they are seeking a specific breed of animal (although many people are) but instead perhaps they are seeking a type of

Potential Danger To Dogs In Peanut Butter (Xylitol)

One of the most desirable treats for a dog is peanut butter, which makes the process of giving pills to dogs far easier because very few dogs will reject peanut butter. Many people will use a small amount of peanut

The Dangers Of Colder Weather To Pets In Las Vegas

With the onset of the holiday season in Las Vegas, we begin to see the colder weather that all people who have lived here long enough realize that the weather begins to change to colder temperatures around the end of

Know Your Local Animal Hospitals

When it comes to the most important things that you can do for your pet, one of the most important is knowing where the closest animal hospitals and after hours emergency hospitals are located. While your veterinarian of choice is

The Six Most Common Dog Health Issues

Your dog is your best friend, and we all want to keep our friends in the best of health so they can spend as much time with us as possible. There are many health issues that can effect your dog,

Limited Ingredient Diets For Pets

Limited ingredient diets have become more popular in recent years with regards to dogs and cats who have allergies and have issues with digestion, skin or eye irritations. Pet foods themselves are most likely to blame for ingredient allergies, but

Separation Anxiety In Dogs

One of the more difficult conditions to deal with in many dogs is separation anxiety. This is exhibited by the dog acting out when they are not round humans or other dogs, and are left alone for periods of time.

The difference between simulated and true separation anxiety in dogs

When left alone, many dogs will act out. They will begin barking or howling, destroy bedding and couches, whine and possibly urinate on carpets even though they are housebroken. When a dog is left alone it is stressful for them

Pitbull Veterinarian In Las Vegas

All veterinarians in Las Vegas are going to offer the standard services that have to do with the care and health of both dogs and cats, but one of the specific things that makes Pet Health Animal Hospital so special

Protecting Your Dog In Your Yard

When you got your dog, you probably went through a process to enclose your yard as much as possible to keep your dog from running away. While this is certainly a positive thing to do, it is also important to

Spay And Neuter Your Pets

We are all familiar with the discussion that happens so often with regards to owning an animal, and we see the television commercials and ads that always remind us that it is important to spay and neuter your pets, but

A New Type Of Animal Hospital

There are many animal hospitals in Las Vegas, and many fine veterinarians working within those facilities. We strongly encourage you to choose the best facility that you can afford, which is convenient to your home as well as being a

Make Sure Your Pets Are Safe If You Are Hurt

Many people do not think about how much their pets rely on them every day. If you think about it, they are completely reliant upon you to provide them with food, water, shelter and all of the aspects of life

Changing Weather In Las Vegas

Anyone who has lived in Las Vegas for more than a year realizes that the weather changes pretty dramatically and pretty quickly here, and with the first day of fall now officially over, we can expect the change to colder

Pain Management In Pets

Pain management in pets is one of the more difficult aspects of veterinary science, due to the fact that animals will typically hid their pain as much as possible due to their natural instincts to appear healthy.  Due to the

What Happens During My Pet’s Exam?

When a veterinarian examines your pet for a routine checkup, they are looking at your animal’s vital signs, possibly taking blood samples for testing against known potential health risks, looking for signs of disease or infection, and generally taking into

What Happens During A Veterinary Dental Cleaning?

As a responsible pet owner, you always have the best interest of your pet in mind, and you want them to remain as happy and healthy as possible.  Even though it is not necessary for animals to brush their teeth

What To Do If Your Dog Is In A Fight, The Wheelbarrow Technique

All dog owners who frequent areas where there are other dogs present will observe a dog fight or have their dog in a fight sooner or later.  Even the most passive dogs will be attacked from time to time by

Help! My pet got stung by a scorpion!

Living in Las Vegas, we have a great number of insects that are only found in desert climates, and unfortunately many of these insects have bites and stings that can be quite painful, if not deadly to pets and humans

Is pool chlorine safe for dogs?

As the summer temperatures get hotter (especially in extremely hot areas like Las Vegas) it is common for families to consider allowing their dog to jump into the pool with them in order to cool off.  One of the most

How To Choose An Animal Hospital

There are many different things to consider when you are choosing an animal hospital or veterinarian for your new pet.  Several aspects of the clinic are probably more important to you than others, as you can assume that as long

See Your Veterinarian Regularly

A common question that is asked is “how often should I take my dog or cat to the veterinarian?” The answer to this question relies on several factors including your pet’s age and general state of overall health, but for

How To Trim Dog Nails

The procedure for trimming your dog’s nails is very simple, but will generally require two people in order to not harm the dog by potentially cutting the nail too short and causing bleeding.  One person will need to hold the

Veterinarian Advice: Why It Is Important To Trim Your Pet’s Nails

When your pet is walking on hard surfaces, do you notice the clicking of their nails against the ground? If so, there is a good possibility that their nails are too long and are in need of trimming. Most veterinarians

How Much Coconut Oil Should I Put In My Pet’s Food?

There is no doubting the positive health benefits of coconut oil for both pets and for humans, and the benefits themselves can be seen in other articles we have provided on coconut oil, but one question that seems unclear for

Why your dog kicks his back legs when you are scratching his sides or belly.

Everyone who has ever owned a dog is familiar with it, and yet every time your dog does it you still laugh.  When you scratch or rub your dog’s sides or belly, you will hit certain spots that make his

Choosing the best Las Vegas veterinarian

As a clinic that offers veterinarian services to the Las Vegas general public, one of the questions that is continually asked of the staff and doctors of Pet Health Hospital is “how do I choose the best veterinarian in Las

Follow Your Veterinarian’s Suggestions

Following veterinarian’s suggestions are the best way to keep your dog or cat healthy.  During visits to the veterinarian, your pet will usually get some vaccinations or a check up, but there will probably also be some advice given to

The New Breed Of Las Vegas Veterinarian

Many people ask the question “What makes one veterinarian in Las Vegas better than another?” The answer is actually far more simple than you would expect.  Most veterinarians offer the same services, exams, treatments, dentals, surgeries, vaccinations and medicines, but

How to choose a veterinarian in Las Vegas

Anyone who is new to the Las Vegas area who is looking to find a new veterinarian for their pet is faced with an overwhelming amount of choices.  When asked the question “how do you choose a veterinarian in Las

Coconut Oil For Dogs And Cats

Most veterinarians will agree that using coconut oil in your pet’s diet will have benefits, just like most doctors will agree that using it is beneficial to humans.  Here are the specific benefits of mixing coconut oil into your pet’s

Pet Dental Health: Periodontal Disease

Pet Dental Health: Periodontal Disease One of the most common clinical conditions in adult dogs and cats is periodontal disease, and includes gingivitis (reversible reddening and inflammation of the gums) and periodontitis (loss of bone and soft tissue that surround

Ear Infections (Otitis Externa) in Dogs

Ear Infections (Otitis Externa) in Dogs Ear disease is one of the most common conditions treated by veterinarians. Otitis externa is the term used to describe inflammation of the outer ear canal. Unlike the horizontal shape of the human ear

Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS) in Dogs

Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS) in Dogs Dogs are highly resilient, adaptable creatures, but few disabilities affect dogs as profoundly as blindness. Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS) is a disease that causes rapid and complete blindness in dogs.

Parvo In Dogs

Canine Parvovirus Infection (CPV) Canine parvovirus is a potentially life-threatening and highly contagious viral illness. All dogs are at risk of contracting this disease, but puppies under the age of four months and unvaccinated dogs are most at risk. The

Which Dog Breeds Are Prone to Certain Types of Cancer?

Which Dog Breeds Are Prone to Certain Types of Cancer? Cancer can be a quiet, elusive disease, or an aggressive and quick-developing one. Experienced veterinarians, especially those who embrace the concept of breed-specific preventative wellness, may recommend specific cancer screenings

Pain Management in Pets

Pain Management in Pets Over the past several years, veterinary medicine has dramatically evolved its understanding and approach to pain management in pets. The bond between a pet and its owner makes it more likely that the owner will be

Breed-Specific Preventative Wellness

In the constantly evolving industry of veterinary medicine, many exciting advancements have been made. These new technologies allow veterinarians the opportunity to offer newer, better, and more effective care for their clients, from laser therapy and acupuncture to stem-cell treatments.

Heat Stroke In Dogs

As the temperatures begin to rise in Las Vegas, pet owners must be more and more aware of the signs of heat stroke in dogs, as this condition can easily be fatal.  One of the most common causes of heat

Human Insect Repellant

Never use insect repellent that is made for humans on pets. Ingesting it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst and drooling. Make sure that any product used is pet-specific.

Lifetime Veterinary Care

Lifetime care programs for animals involve specific maintenance procedures like wellness exams and vaccinations to be conducted at specific times during your pet’s life.  Dr. Beerenstrauch has created the first of it’s kind wellness program for dogs and cats, taking

Pet-safe Insect Repellant

As the summer months get hotter and hotter, there is more exposure to insects for your pet than in the winter months. This is because insects are more active in warmer weather and there is a greater chance of your

8 Things To NEVER Feed Your Pet

There are many human foods that are very bad for pets to eat, but some can be downright deadly. Here is a quick list of foods to never let your pets eat, and if they were to eat them it

Fruits That Are Good For Pets To Eat

People love fruit because it is sweet as well as being loaded with nutrients that are excellent for your body.  Any pet owner who has ever dropped a piece of fruit on the ground only to see their dog snatch

Did My Dog Have A Stroke? (Idiopathic Vestibular Disease)

The vestibular system is the neurological equipment responsible for perceiving the body’s orientation relative to earth. It is responsible for maintaining posture, balance of the head and trunk, and the position of the eyes in relation to head movement. The

Canine Influenza

Canine influenza was first diagnosed in racing greyhounds in Florida in 2005. It is closely related to the equine influenza virus and is not contagious to people or other animals. The disease has a high rate of infection and is

Collapsing Trachea In Dogs

The trachea (windpipe) is a tube of c-shaped cartilage rings that connect the oral cavity with the lungs. The c-shaped cartilage has a membrane that lines the top surface. In dogs, these cartilage rings can weaken and the tracheal membrane

Feline Upper Respiratory Infection

The most common cause of sneezing in cats is an upper respiratory infection. Feline upper respiratory infections can develop from a single agent or can be a mixed infection as well. The most commonly involved agents are feline herpes virus


Pyometra is a disease that occurs when the uterus in an older female dog or cat fills with pus. Most affected dogs and cats are older than six years of age and have not been spayed or still have their

Rabies Shot Reactions

A rabies vaccine reaction is an area of hair loss that forms 1-3 months after a rabies vaccine has been administered. The reaction occurs at the area where the vaccine was injected and the hair loss may be accompanied by

What Is A Reverse Sneeze?

A reverse sneeze is one of the most common pet conditions I discuss with owners. A reverse sneeze occurs when a dog attempts to clear the back of the nasal cavity. It is a protective reflex of the body similar

Why Does My Dog Scoot His Butt?

The most common reason that pets scoot or rub their butts is a problem with their anal glands. The anal glands are found next to the anus and contain a foul odor that pets use to mark their territories. When

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Why dogs eat grass is a common question of many pet owners with no easy go-to answer. Eating grass is a fairly typical condition of dogs and cats. Many experts theorize it is a trait inherited from our pets’ wild

Why Does My Dog Eat Poop?

Coprophagia is a common problem in dogs that causes them to ingest their own feces. Many people incorrectly assume that the reason their pet suffers from coprophagia is a nutritional or dietary deficiency. This assumption comes from a disease called

Zinc Toxicity And Penny Ingestion In Pets

In 1983, the United States government began minting pennies made of zinc wafers coated in copper, rather than just pure copper. This began to cause problems with zinc toxicity in animals that ingested pennies minted after 1983. Other sources of

Feline Acne

Feline acne is an inflammatory condition of a cat’s chin and lips. The acne starts as a blackhead or comedone on the chin. It may then progress to red, itchy bumps that can become infected. Feline acne can occur in

Broken Teeth In Pets

A broken tooth is a very common occurrence in dogs and cats. A fracture of a tooth is most common in the canine (fang) and upper fourth premolars of dogs and the canine of cats. A fractured tooth can occur

Bird Toxins

BIRD TOXINS TOXINS IN THE HOME By David Hannon, DVM, Dipl. ABVP-Avian With the holidays approaching, it’s time to keep an eye on all of our birds as our houses are inundated friends and relatives, gifts and trinkets and new

Bird Temperatures

GETTING THROUGH THE EXTREMES By David Hannon, DVM, Dipl. ABVP-Avian Due to the recent ice storm and power loss throughout Shelby County and the surrounding areas, I have been asked to write about how aviculturists can help their birds handle

Bird Diets

AVIAN DIETS: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly By David Hannon, DVM, Dipl. ABVP-Avian With the variety of avian diets on the market, and the copious amounts of information (and misinformation) provided by pet stores, aviculturists, and veterinarians, it’s

Dealing With Stress In Birds.

DEALING WITH STRESS IN BIRDS By David Hannon, DVM, Dipl. ABVP-Avian Whether you have one pet budgie or an aviary full of champion macaws, limiting stress is essential for the health and well-being of your birds. Stress can occur in

Is My Dog Developing Cataracts?

Is My Dog Developing Cataracts? Cataracts are a hardening of the lens in the eye, which is the focusing device in the eye. When the cataracts are called mature, they involve the entire lens and cause blindness. Cataracts can also

Safety At Dog Parks

Pet Tip: Dog Parks Dog parks are the fastest growing segment of city parks in the United States. They can be a great way for you and your four-legged friend to enjoy some time outdoors. Follow these helpful suggestions to

Chlorine In Pools And Pets

Pet Tip: Is the chlorine in my swimming pool safe for my dogs? Just like people, many dogs seek water to cool off on a hot summer day. Swimming is a great exercise for dogs, and a wonderful bonding activity.

Blindness In Dogs And Cats

Blindness can occur in pets either gradually or suddenly. When blindness occurs gradually, the pet is usually able to adapt to their surroundings due to their heightened senses of hearing and smell. A pet can very easily memorize the interior

Cherry Eye In Dogs

All dogs have a special protective third eyelid on the inside corner of their eyes that is often not visible. This eyelid provides protection to the eye and also contains a gland that produces about 35% of the eye’s tears.

Heat Stroke And Heat Exhaustion In Dogs

The “dog days of summer” are not always the most ideal time for dogs to be outdoors. As summer temperatures soar, so do the incidents of heat exhaustion and heat stroke in pets. Although the terms heat stroke and heat

Saving Your Pet With CPR

Emergency techniques such as CPR may help pet owners keep their pets alive until they arrive at their veterinarian or emergency center. Here are some tips on CPR for pets: Check for breathing and pulse. Using your middle and index

Hot Asphalt Can Burn Pet Feet

It is important to keep your pets away from pavement during the hot summer months. A sunny 85-degree day (air temperature) can cause asphalt temperatures to reach as high as 140 degrees. To put that into perspective, an egg can

Frostbite In Dogs

Many people believe that since their pets (especially dogs and cats) are covered in fur that they must be able to be out in the cold for extended periods of time. While it is true that certain breeds of dogs

Pets During The Holidays

Christmas and the holiday season can be exciting and wonderful for your pets, as they understand the excitement of the day.  During the holiday season, please remember a few important tips, primarily that wrapping food such as candy and chocolates

Pets In The Cold

Now that is is getting colder outside, we cannot stress enough to bring your pets inside in order to prevent frostbite and potentially even death.  Many people believe that because pets have fur they are not affected by cold the

Heimlich Maneuver for Dogs

Sadly, it is not uncommon for a dog to choke because they  swallow things they shouldn’t, like toys and bones. If your dog is choking, he will start coughing forcefully, bulge his  eyes and paw at his mouth. In order