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Pitbull Veterinarian In Las Vegas

PitbullsAll veterinarians in Las Vegas are going to offer the standard services that have to do with the care and health of both dogs and cats, but one of the specific things that makes Pet Health Animal Hospital so special is the fact that we concentrate on breed specific health plans in order to maximize the health and well being of your pet. For this reason, we consider ourselves a “pitbull veterinarian in Las Vegas” and we welcome you and your pitbull to our family.

Pet Health Animal Hospital provides wellness programs for your pet that are breed specific, meaning that we provide a roadmap to good health that you can follow in order to keep your pet as healthy as possible. Within these custom plans, we take into consideration not only the common ailments and diseases that effect dogs, but also additionally factor in the common ailments and diseases that effect your type of dog. We know from years of research and veterinary practice all of the most common conditions that can have an effect on your particular type of dog, and we know the preventive steps we can take that will help your pet avoid them. This means the typical vaccines and checkups that will help prevent diseases in any dog, with the added level of protection that comes with preventive checkups, additional vaccines and wellness methods that are meant to prevent the ailments that we will typically see in your breed. Add to that additional elements that take into consideration your pet’s age, sex and current health state and you have a complete wellness program designed to prevent health issues in your pet from birth until his or her last days. Our goal has always been to avoid expensive and difficult treatments by avoiding or preventing the disease, and doing it through low cost routine maintenance procedures. That way, a good pet owner can keep their pet healthy and happy for as long as possible.

Pit Bulls are a very specific type of dog, and the breed has a reputation that precedes it, even though in most circumstances that reputation is based on completely faulty information and fear. We understand the challenges that pitbull owners go through, having to continually explain to people that the pitbull breed is not a dangerous one, and pitbull attacks are generally as a result of training by the owner. Typical pitbulls are loving and caring pets that are extremely smart, gentle and loyal, and we know it. However we also realize that many pitbull owners go through constant discrimination based on nothing more than fear of the breed by misinformed people. Due to so many pitbull owners constantly having to ask if their local veterinarian in Las Vegas accepts pitbulls as patients or understands the breed and the medical challenges they have, we want to inform you that we will not only accept your pitbull to our family of patients, but will also provide you with medical advice on wellness that is specifically for the pitbull breed.

We look forward to meeting you and your pitbull!