Pet Health Hospital

Prevent Pets from Being Euthanized

The plight of homeless animals can be an endless and depressing one. Each year, hundreds of thousands of pets are euthanized at overwhelmed shelters all over the country. The need to spay and neuter animals is the biggest problem, and the underlying cause of the overpopulation problem. Backyard breeding and puppy mills are in part adding to the issue as well, and must be controlled if there is to be any hope for saving the lives of these innocent victims. At one Las Vegas animal hospital, they offer reduced fees for spaying and neutering in an attempt to do their part in preventing the birth of too many pets. For every birth they prevent, that many shelter animals could be spared from being euthanized at a shelter. If everyone did their part to control this problem, whether it is by spaying and neutering their own pets, reporting any puppy mill activities to police, to adopting from a shelter and not purchasing from a pet shop, the problem of pet overpopulation could be brought under control, and hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved each year.