Pet Health Hospital

Preventive Medical Care and Maintenance As Important to Our Pets As It is to Us

When our pets become ill or injured, we know that it is time to bring them to an animal hospital for critical medical attention. What many people tend to forget, though, is that ongoing preventive care and exams, and especially dental care as needed are just as important to their overall longevity. For some reason, we just seem to be unaware of the need for our pet’s medical care to equate our own needs. The fact is, they get sick just like we do. They develop medical conditions just like we do. They need oral care just like we do, and in fact, maybe more so. Pets rarely have someone brushing their teeth every day like we brush our own teeth. This makes it even more important that they are checked often, and that they undergo intensive cleanings when necessary to prevent not only gum disease and tooth loss, but that they also do not suffer the dangers to overall health that are linked to oral care.