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Rescue a Dog, Give Them a Chance to Be Loved

The best way to find a dog who will love you more than any other is to give a homeless dog a second chance. Often, homeless dogs originate from abuse, neglect, injury, and being lost or stolen. Others are simply given up for a variety of reasons. They may begin to lose hope while waiting in a shelter cage, wondering what they did wrong to end up here or left behind. The shelters are usually loud, scary, and full of communicable diseases. Often, dogs will appear to give up, retreating to the back of their cages in depression. One Las Vegas veterinarian who works closely with several rescue organizations offers discounted veterinary services and boarding for dogs who are given that second chance at finding a loving permanent family that will give them all of the love they deserve. Support your local rescue organizations. They are the bridge for many dogs to find a home that will love them as much as they love back.