Pet Health Hospital

Rescue Dog Loved His Doctor

As an avid supporter of animal rights and an active rescuer, I have seen my fair share of visits to the vet. One of my rescues alone made numerous visits for issues such as obesity, knee replacement, sudden blindness, and intestinal blockage. These are just to name a few, but the bills reached astronomic proportions rapidly. The best part of these frequent visits was the fact that, for some strange reason, our dog absolutely loved our doctor at the veterinary hospital. He went bonkers as soon as the doc entered the room every time, so much so that he would bring other staff with him so they could witness the reaction. We did end up befriending the doctor, who is the official doctor of the rescue organization we support. It was extremely difficult for both us and the vet when our dog went in for an intestinal blockage, but ended up passing on suddenly when complications from pneumonia overcame his weakened body.