The New Breed Of Las Vegas Veterinarian

Many people ask the question “What makes one veterinarian in Las Vegas better than another?” The answer is actually far more simple than you would expect.  Most veterinarians offer the same services, exams, treatments, dentals, surgeries, vaccinations and medicines, but

Selecting The Best Animal Doctor In Las Vegas For Your Pet

Selecting The Best Animal Doctor In Las Vegas For Your Pet Proud pet owners in Las Vegas seeking a friendly and knowledgeable animal doctor need look no further than Pet Health & Lifetime Care Center on Desert Inn. Whether you

Maer W.

Dr. B has been my vet for 6 years. He is thorough, knowledgeable and most of all compassionate. He seems to have an instinct when it comes to diagnoses that is incredible. And I mean before he runs the tests

Dr. B Is The Best

Dr.B is the best! I’ve recommended him to countless numbers of friends and family because he truly is the best and most affordable veterinarian in Las Vegas who doesn’t treat you like a number. He makes me feel comfortable and

Canine Neuter Discharge Instructions

Surgical Discharge Instructions Your dog has just been neutered. The procedure consists of removal of both testicles from an incision above the scrotum. This procedure was done under general anesthesia. Some important Information following surgery: · Your pet may be


Our Veterinarians

Mark Beerenstrauch, DVM (Dr. B) (Lead Veterinarian) Dr. Mark Beerenstrauch, DVM (Dr. B) grew up in a small town in DeWitt, Nebraska.  He graduated with a Business Management degree from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, and then completed veterinary