Las Vegas Veterinarian

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities in the world, with thousands of visitors every month as well as millions of permanent residents.  Medical care is necessary for all of these people, and medical care is equally important

Choosing the best Las Vegas veterinarian

As a clinic that offers veterinarian services to the Las Vegas general public, one of the questions that is continually asked of the staff and doctors of Pet Health Hospital is “how do I choose the best veterinarian in Las

The New Breed Of Las Vegas Veterinarian

Many people ask the question “What makes one veterinarian in Las Vegas better than another?” The answer is actually far more simple than you would expect.  Most veterinarians offer the same services, exams, treatments, dentals, surgeries, vaccinations and medicines, but

How to choose a veterinarian in Las Vegas

Anyone who is new to the Las Vegas area who is looking to find a new veterinarian for their pet is faced with an overwhelming amount of choices.  When asked the question “how do you choose a veterinarian in Las

Why lifetime veterinary care is superior

The philosophy behind the veterinary care that your pet receives is one of the most important aspects of the entire process.  While most people are conditioned to believe that the job of a veterinarian is to simply treat illnesses in

Breed-Specific Preventative Wellness

In the constantly evolving industry of veterinary medicine, many exciting advancements have been made. These new technologies allow veterinarians the opportunity to offer newer, better, and more effective care for their clients, from laser therapy and acupuncture to stem-cell treatments.

The Modern Veterinarian

Medical science with regards to human beings has evolved over the years to take into account not just the treatment of  disease and injury, but also the prevention of avoidable maladies and conditions through vaccinations, wellness programs, regular checkups and

A New Type Of Veterinary Center

Pet Health Hospital will be the first veterinary center and animal hospital of it’s kind to service the Las Vegas area.  This unique concept was developed by Dr. Mark Beerenstrauch in order to provide better animal care to his patients,


Our Veterinarians

Mark Beerenstrauch, DVM (Dr. B) (Lead Veterinarian) Dr. Mark Beerenstrauch, DVM (Dr. B) grew up in a small town in DeWitt, Nebraska.  He graduated with a Business Management degree from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, and then completed veterinary