What Happens During My Pet’s Exam?

When a veterinarian examines your pet for a routine checkup, they are looking at your animal’s vital signs, possibly taking blood samples for testing against known potential health risks, looking for signs of disease or infection, and generally taking into

See Your Veterinarian Regularly

A common question that is asked is “how often should I take my dog or cat to the veterinarian?” The answer to this question relies on several factors including your pet’s age and general state of overall health, but for

Live In Las Vegas And Have A Pet? Call Us First!

There are many Las Vegas veterinarians to choose from, all with different specialties and areas of expertise.  The most obvious reason that one Las Vegas resident would choose to bring their pet to a specific veterinarian is proximity to their

What is wellness care and illness prevention in veterinary medicine?

“Pet patients over profits.” Healthcare in animals is as important as it is in human beings to pay attention to if a long and happy life is to be enjoyed, both on the part of the patient as well as

Why your dog kicks his back legs when you are scratching his sides or belly.

Everyone who has ever owned a dog is familiar with it, and yet every time your dog does it you still laugh.  When you scratch or rub your dog’s sides or belly, you will hit certain spots that make his

Pet Health Hospital Launches The “Pet Program”

Pet Health Hospital has launched a social media campaign designed to both inform those interested in learning specifics of programs that are offered but additionally engage pet parents who want to follow and promote the ongoing achievement levels that their

Pet Dental Health: Periodontal Disease

Pet Dental Health: Periodontal Disease One of the most common clinical conditions in adult dogs and cats is periodontal disease, and includes gingivitis (reversible reddening and inflammation of the gums) and periodontitis (loss of bone and soft tissue that surround

Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS) in Dogs

Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS) in Dogs Dogs are highly resilient, adaptable creatures, but few disabilities affect dogs as profoundly as blindness. Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS) is a disease that causes rapid and complete blindness in dogs.

Parvo In Dogs

Canine Parvovirus Infection (CPV) Canine parvovirus is a potentially life-threatening and highly contagious viral illness. All dogs are at risk of contracting this disease, but puppies under the age of four months and unvaccinated dogs are most at risk. The

Selecting The Best Animal Doctor In Las Vegas For Your Pet

Selecting The Best Animal Doctor In Las Vegas For Your Pet Proud pet owners in Las Vegas seeking a friendly and knowledgeable animal doctor need look no further than Pet Health & Lifetime Care Center on Desert Inn. Whether you

Fruits That Are Good For Pets To Eat

People love fruit because it is sweet as well as being loaded with nutrients that are excellent for your body.  Any pet owner who has ever dropped a piece of fruit on the ground only to see their dog snatch


Our Veterinarians

Mark Beerenstrauch, DVM (Dr. B) (Lead Veterinarian) Dr. Mark Beerenstrauch, DVM (Dr. B) grew up in a small town in DeWitt, Nebraska.  He graduated with a Business Management degree from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, and then completed veterinary