What is wellness care and illness prevention in veterinary medicine?

“Pet patients over profits.” Healthcare in animals is as important as it is in human beings to pay attention to if a long and happy life is to be enjoyed, both on the part of the patient as well as

Veterinary Services

Pet Health And Lifetime Care Center On Desert Inn is a full service veterinarian and animal hospital located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The following animal medical services are provided by appointment as well as by emergency walk-in. At Pet Health Animal

Pet Health

At Pet Health Hospital, we provide every patient with a customized plan to help parents stay up do date with vaccinations, check-ups and routine procedures.  Each plan is created free of charge for our patients, and takes into consideration their


You will always find emergency veterinary advice and care by calling our hospital’s main telephone number.  If the emergency is during business hours, call us if you can but don’t hesitate to bring your pet in without an appointment.  At Pet

Early Morning Drop-Off

At Pet Health Hospital we understand that you are busy and may find it difficult to find the time to get your pet into the veterinarian.   Please let us know how we can accommodate your schedule.  Early morning drop-off can be arranged


At Pet Health Hospital we provide boarding as a service to our pet parent clients.  All pets who board receive personalized attention from our caring veterinary staff.


Ultrasound provides a non-invasive and painless diagnostic window into the internal organs of your pet.  Ultrasound can also be used for pregnancy evaluations in pets.


Our digital radiology (X-ray) equipment at Pet Health Hospital provides us with high quality radiographs that help us immediately diagnose disease in pets.  A Board-certified Veterinary Radiologist also reviews all of our X-rays to make sure we are providing the highest level of care.


At Pet Health Hospital we maintain a complete inventory for the pharmaceutical needs of your pet.  We will always consult with you about the best medication for your pet, including if a prescription for a human alternative is available.

Internal Medicine

The Pet Health Hospital  in-house laboratory equipment allows for serum chemistry, hematology, and parasite testing.  Commercial veterinary laboratories are also used for advanced cases and tests.  These laboratories also make available consultations with a Board-certified Veterinary Internist at no additional charge to

Dermatology (Skin Care)

Dermatology and skin issues are some of the most common medical issues we face in pets.  Your pet’s skin can also be an early indicator of the overall health of your pet, and it may indicate an underlying metabolic disease. 


Vaccines have been a mainstay of veterinary medicine for many years and have extended the lives of millions of pets.  Unfortunately, this does not mean there is anything simple about vaccinations.  Different hospital protocols and varying opinions about the risk

Parasite Control

At Pet Health Hospital we want to make sure that your cat or dog is free of parasites (intestinal, external, and heartworms).  The dry and arid climate of Las Vegas makes the occurrence of these parasites less frequent than in other places

Pain Management

Over the past decade, veterinary practitioners have a much better understanding of the pain your pets feels.  Pets have similar pain pathways as humans, and it is likely that they experience pain in the same way we do.  Because many

Hospice / Euthanasia

Part of the Lifetime Care philosophy is understanding that when quality of life issues surface in your senior pet, veterinary euthanasia can provide a peaceful passing.  Saying goodbye to a family member is never an easy decision, but at Pet Health Hospital we will


Your pet’s senior stage is commonly when underlying diseases become evident.  It is important to monitor your pet’s health during this time to check for underlying diseases and keep your pet happy and healthy. At Pet Health Hospital, the senior life stage it

Dietary Counseling

In order for your pet to live a long, healthy, and happy life, you need to be mindful of his or her nutrition and weight.  Obesity is the most common diseases in pets.  Obesity shortens pets’ life spans; research shows

Customized Health Maintenance Programs

For those pet parents looking for a preventative wellness plan, we have developed our Canine Health and Feline Health Lifetime Care Programs.  The veterinary wellness programs are customized for your pet to maximize health, well-being, and comfort during all stages of your pet’s

Behavioral Counseling

Excessive barking, chewing, and displaying separation anxiety or stress are behavioral problems commonly found in dogs.  Although such conditions are often treated—or attempted to be treated—after a pet shows such symptoms, treatment is not the entire solution.  It’s important to prevent behavioral

Surgical Services

Our state-of-the art surgical suite at Pet Health Hospital allows us to offer a wide variety of surgical services from our Pet Maintenance Procedures (spays and neuters) to specialized procedures (e.g., orthopedic surgery, intestinal surgery, ophthalmic surgery).

Spays and Neuters

Spaying and neutering is an important part of the Canine Health and Feline Health Lifetime Care Programs.  Spaying and neutering a pet at an early age (between 4–6 months) will help prevent medical problems.  For instance, neutering males helps prevent testicular cancer and


At Pet Health Hospital we believe that every single pet should be mircochipped.  Microchipping is a simple procedure that can be performed at your pet’s spay or neuter, and it provides permanent identification for your pet.  If your pet is lost or


Laparoscopy, also called “Minimally Invasive Surgery,” involves using small incisions with the assistance of video fiber optics of the internal organs.  At Pet Health Hospital laparoscopy can be used as an alternative to the traditional veterinary spay in your pet.  Laparoscopic spay

Dental Services

At Pet Health Hospital we are committed to maintaining the dental health of your pet.  As part of the Canine Health and Feline Health Maintenance Procedures, our veterinary dental services include teeth cleaning and polishing, dental X-rays, periodontal repair, and oral surgery. For our advanced

Pet Parent Convenience

Bathing Boarding Early Morning Drop-Off Service Emergency Care At Pet Health Hospital we provide many services designed to provide convenience and comfort for both our patients and their parents.  From bathing to boarding, we can take the stress out of the routine

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services

Cardiology Dermatology (Skin Care) Internal Medicine Pharmacy Radiology Surgical Services Ultrasound At Pet Health Hospital our diagnostic and therapeutic services allow for identification and treatment of many ailments that cause pet’s to become quite ill and potentially shorten their lives.  We employ

Pet Lifetime Care Programs

Behavioral Counseling Customized Health Maintenance Programs (Canine Health and Feline Health) Dietary Counseling Geriatrics Hospice/Euthanasia Laparoscopy Pain Management Parasite Control Vaccines At Pet Health Hospital we believe that lifetime care programs for pets increase the natural ability to fight off disease and medical ailments.

Pet Health Maintenance Procedures

Anesthesia Dental Services Laparoscopy Microchipping Spays and Neuters Surgical Services At Pet Health Hospital we subscribe to the concept of animal wellness programs, as well as ongoing lifetime maintenance in order to remain in top quality health.  This means that we assist

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Feline Health

We are all accustomed to making veterinary appointments when our pets are due for vaccines, but the Pet Health Hospital approach is different.  We focus on maintaining the good health of our feline patients through our Feline Health Lifetime Care

Canine Health

We are all accustomed to making veterinary appointments when our pets are due for vaccines, but the Pet Health Hospital approach is different.  We focus on maintaining the good health of our canine patients through our Canine Health Lifetime Care

Our Practice

Pet Health Hospital is a full service veterinarian and animal hospital located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We are dedicated to the task of providing top quality veterinary services, surgeries, wellness programs and pet medical procedures to the local community, and certainly