Pet Health Hospital

Take Obesity in Pets Seriously

When I rescued my beautiful pug dog, he weighed in at a whopping thirty five pounds. The normal weight for a dog this size is about twenty five pounds, which meant that about one third of his body weight was excess weight. Losing one third of body weight is no small feat for anyone, human or animal, and it was difficult to look down at those big brown eyes and refuse extra food or treats for him. It did, however, successfully bring down his weight, but the six years he had been obese before he found us had already taken it’s toll on his body. We ended up seeing a Las Vegas veterinarian because he had started to cry when he would run around, and it turned out that he needed a double knee replacement, at the cost of two thousand dollars for each knee. This is a good lesson for anyone who feeds their pet to the point of obesity, and the potential health risks to an obese pet should be taken very seriously.