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Las Vegas Veterinarian

In Las Vegas, there are many veterinarians. We feel we are the best choice for your pet, and we feel that if you come by our animal hospital to take a tour and see our facilities, you will feel the same way. However, for those who do not have the time to come by and […]

Separation Anxiety In Dogs

One of the more difficult conditions to deal with in many dogs is separation anxiety. This is exhibited by the dog acting out when they are not round humans or other dogs, and are left alone for periods of time. Typical separation anxiety behaviors will include incessant barking and howling, scratching doors and windows, destroying […]

The difference between simulated and true separation anxiety in dogs

When left alone, many dogs will act out. They will begin barking or howling, destroy bedding and couches, whine and possibly urinate on carpets even though they are housebroken. When a dog is left alone it is stressful for them if they are not used to it, and when a puppy is first brought home […]

Protecting Your Dog In Your Yard

When you got your dog, you probably went through a process to enclose your yard as much as possible to keep your dog from running away. While this is certainly a positive thing to do, it is also important to monitor your yard for changes that could potentially result in harm to your pet. There […]

Spay And Neuter Your Pets

We are all familiar with the discussion that happens so often with regards to owning an animal, and we see the television commercials and ads that always remind us that it is important to spay and neuter your pets, but there are far fewer people that actually understand why this is important. Homeless Pets: There […]

A New Type Of Animal Hospital

There are many animal hospitals in Las Vegas, and many fine veterinarians working within those facilities. We strongly encourage you to choose the best facility that you can afford, which is convenient to your home as well as being a caring and knowledgeable facility that has your pet’s best interests in mind. Convenience to your […]

Make Sure Your Pets Are Safe If You Are Hurt

Many people do not think about how much their pets rely on them every day. If you think about it, they are completely reliant upon you to provide them with food, water, shelter and all of the aspects of life that happen on a daily basis. While this is never a concern for most pet […]

Changing Weather In Las Vegas

Anyone who has lived in Las Vegas for more than a year realizes that the weather changes pretty dramatically and pretty quickly here, and with the first day of fall now officially over, we can expect the change to colder temperatures to be happening over the next few weeks. While this break from the heat […]

Pain Management In Pets

Pain management in pets is one of the more difficult aspects of veterinary science, due to the fact that animals will typically hid their pain as much as possible due to their natural instincts to appear healthy.  Due to the fact that they will show as few telltale signs that they are in pain as […]

What Happens During My Pet’s Exam?

When a veterinarian examines your pet for a routine checkup, they are looking at your animal’s vital signs, possibly taking blood samples for testing against known potential health risks, looking for signs of disease or infection, and generally taking into account any changes that can be noticed since the last time they were seen.  Weight […]