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Dealing With Aggression In Cats

INTRODUCTION Bearing in mind their size, domestic cats can make dreadful enemies. Cats have five effective attack weapons, including mouth that can open widely equipped with sharp teeth, and four dexterous paws bearing needle-sharp claws. These weapons, combined with explosive speed and the limberness of a contortionist, can make restraining reluctant cats more difficult than […]

10 Ways To Prepare Your Pet For Boarding

PRE-BOARDING CHECK LIST Boarding a pet can be nerve-racking for both the owner and the animal. Here are ten simple tips to help keep things smooth and simple: Interview the Facility – Call the boarding facility and ask them questions like how long they have been in business and what their references are. Kennels will let […]

10 Ways To Help An Arthritic Pet

HELPFUL TIPS Arthritis, or the inflammation or swelling in a joint, can be caused by many things; instability of the immediate ligaments and tendons, unusual bone or joint development, injury or damage to the joint, injury caused by the immune system, or an infection. While anti-inflammatory medications are common treatments for arthritis, another process involves […]