Pet Health Hospital Launches The “Pet Program”

Pet HealthPet Programs Hospital has launched a social media campaign designed to both inform those interested in learning specifics of programs that are offered but additionally engage pet parents who want to follow and promote the ongoing achievement levels that their pet has crossed.  Various programs have been launched under the “Pet” moniker, including “PetStay,” “PetFit” and “PetPaws.”  Each specific engagement program uses social media postings directly from Pet Health Hospital staff to provide ongoing updates to pet parents via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Within the “PetStay” program, pets who are being boarded at Pet Health Hospital are photographed during their stay, allowing parents to log into the social media profiles and see their pet enjoying it’s time with the Pet Health Hospital veterinary staff.  The program focuses on providing pet parents who are missing their pets while they are boarded to see that their care and happiness is being taken into consideration.  In the “PetFit” program, weightloss milestones are posted alongside photographs of the pet participants, providing not only a chronological documentation of the weightloss program, but additionally providing motivation for pet owners to stick to the program guidelines, as they can see the results first hand.  Within the “PetPaws” program, pets who have left their owners and passed on are memorialized on the social media sites, providing a bit of comfort to grieving parents.

The “Pet” programs at Pet Health Hospital are unique in that they are a vehicle to keep pet parents engaged with the veterinary care of their animals.  The philosophy of Pet Health Hospital is to avoid injuries, illnesses and surgeries over the lifespan of a pet by providing engagement to the pet’s owners.  Pet care is not only taking the animal to the veterinarian when it is sick, but an ongoing program of maintenance procedures designed to keep the pet healthy.  Through the utilization of social media, Pet Health Hospital hopes to create a higher level of engagement with your pet’s care, and thus provide a greater level of service than any other veterinarian in Las Vegas, or the country.


Why lifetime veterinary care is superior

The philosophy behind the veterinary care that your pet receives is one of the most important aspects of the entire process.  While most people are conditioned to believe that the job of a veterinarian is to simply treat illnesses in animals, provide vaccinations and assist with injuries, a new philosophy on the practice has begun to take shape in Las Vegas and in other areas, Pet Health Hospital being one of the leaders in this new idea.  The concept is “lifetime care and wellness programs.”

While standard veterinary procedures and treatment plans will typically earn more money for the veterinary clinic over time, due to the fact that it is far more profitable to treat large scale illnesses with surgeries and medicines than it is to prevent them in the first place, some veterinarians are beginning to subscribe to the philosophy of preventing the illnesses using the research that we have developed over years of practice.  The simple fact is that we know that many diseases are preventable as long as certain measures are taken at different periods in the animal’s life.  The real issue was attempting to create programs that actually fit specific breeds and types of pets in a way that could be followed as a roadmap.  Dr. Beerenstrauch has spent years compiling specific information on the lifetime care of different breeds, genetics, ages and types of pets into a blueprint that will cover nearly any dog or cat in a general way.

The Canine Wellness and Feline Wellness programs he has developed are not predictors of specific ailments that pets may or may not get, but instead represent a maintenance plan that extends across the animal’s lifetime and takes into consideration aspects of that animal’s specific makeup that have been proven over time.  One breed of dog or cat is different than another when creating a plan that can be followed by a parent over the course of years.  Different breeds of each animal need specific things at different points in their lives in order to maximize the health landscape.  Specific breeds are also prone to things that other breeds are not, and should have these specifics considered when planning maintenance procedures.  This is the specific route that Dr. Beerenstrauch took when constructing the lifetime care programs that Pet Health Hospital has adopted as the guiding philosophy within their Las Vegas clinic, and hopes to one day see spread to veterinarians in other facilities across the nation. The periodic veterinary maintenance procedures that Pet Health Hospital suggests for your pet are not a cookie cutter set of rules, but instead represent a guideline for maintaining the well being of your particular breed of pet, one which is further customized and modified based on specific facts about your pet in particular including breed, age, health and other elements.  Through utilizing the Pet Health Hospital guidance plans, pet owners have the ability to potentially avoid the expensive and potentially deadly illnesses and maladies that effect animals who are left untreated.  The best part is that the plans are free of charge, and do not add any cost to your veterinary care.  They are offered by Pet Health Hospital as a way to keep in better touch with the health of your pet, and as a result allow your pet to live a longer and healthier life.

Which Las Vegas veterinarians offer pet lifetime care programs?

Pet wellness and lifetime care programs are not typically practiced by many veterinarians, and as far as we know our clinic is the only one in Las Vegas that is utilizing specific lifetime wellness programs in order to aid our pet patients to avoid diseases and complications that arise later in life.  One thing that is worth noting is that wellness programs like the ones that are followed at Pet Health Hospital are specifically constructed in order to prevent the maladies in pets that have higher costs associated, like therapies, surgeries and ongoing treatments for ailments.  What this translates to is that over the course of the care of a typical pet’s life, the more expensive procedures that will effect pet’s that have not received ongoing maintenance care are avoided in more cases that those where ongoing maintenance was followed.  This means that a typical pet parent will actually pay less money in veterinary care to our clinic over the lifetime of their pet due to the fact that the maintenance procedures that keep the animal healthy cost far less than the types of surgeries and treatments that we are trying to avoid.  One surgery for a disease that could have been prevented may cost thousands of dollars, where the vaccinations and checkups that aided in avoiding that ailment only cost a few hundred, spread out over a period of years.  Although checkups and vaccinations when the pet is not sick may seem difficult for some pet owners to digest, it is the very essence of keeping the pet healthy, thus costing less money to the owner in the long run.

The Pet Health And Lifetime Care Center On Desert Inn clinic is the only animal veterinary hospital in Las Vegas that offers these types of programs, which have been crafted utilizing over a decade of research by Dr. Mark Beerenstrauch, the founder and lead veterinarian.  Dr. Beerenstrauch utilized his long history of experience treating dogs and cats in Las Vegas (our local climate actually does produce some potential health concerns that are unique to our community) and married that with the theories of preventive medicine that are utilized for human beings in modern medical settings to produce his “canine health” and “feline health” programs.  These unique programs are a guiding set of suggestions that include not only the considerations of the type of pet, but also more specific suggestions that are based on more unique factors like breed, age and general health.  The preventive treatments and vaccination schedules differ for large and small dogs and cats, and each breed itself faces a unique set of challenges over the course of their lifetime.  Through careful study of the idiosyncrasies of each type of dog and cat, Dr. Beerenstrauch crafted a plan that will provide practical guidance for your pet over the course of it’s lifetime, in an attempt to keep the animal healthy and happy, free from injury and disease.  By following these pet-specific plans which are unified with the existing and ongoing medical records that your pet has generated, Dr. Beerenstrauch can have a much more specific plan of action to not only prevent expensive and potentially dangerous treatments and procedures, but also manage and deal with existing health conditions more effectively.  The takeaway from this veterinary philosophy is healthier pets over the lifetime of their care, costing clients less money and preventing as many cases of disease as possible. Within the Las Vegas community, there is very little as far as progressive medicine with regards to pets.  Most veterinarians in our community utilize a standard and traditional approach to care, treating animals when they are sick and vaccinating them when their owners bring them in for another procedure.  Through the novel approach of pet disease prevention, Dr. Beerenstrauch hopes to change the face of veterinary care in Las Vegas as well as the rest of the country.

lifetime care

Selecting The Best Animal Doctor In Las Vegas For Your Pet

Selecting The Best Animal Doctor In Las Vegas For Your Pet

Proud pet owners in Las Vegas seeking a friendly and knowledgeable animal doctor need look no further than Pet Health & Lifetime Care Center on Desert Inn. Whether you are looking for routine care for your pet or specialized care, our compassionate veterinarians at Pet Health Hospital are committed to your pet’s health and well-being. We advocate for our pet patients, and offer the advice and guidance necessary to help your pet live a long and happy life.
Lifetime Care Programs

No matter what age your pet is, our animal doctors will take the time to assess all new patients individually, to establish a baseline for that pet’s health upon which to determine their future needs and care. Our Feline Health and Canine Health Lifetime Veterinary Care Programs were compiled by our lead veterinarian Dr Mark Beerenstrauch, who drew upon his years of experience as an animal doctor to draft a program addressing the unique needs of each pet based on species, breed, age, and health status. Risk factors such as genetics, past medical history, travel history, and exposure to other pets are also considered. The result is a comprehensive profile for pets that include routine and low-cost screenings and procedures throughout their life that may potentially prevent the need for costly treatments further down the road. Carefully selected vaccination schedules, wellness checks and health direction empower pet parents with the tools needed to help their furry loved ones increase their quality of life and overall lifespan.
Pet Health Hospital Lifetime Care Services

Some of the important aspects of our Lifetime Care Programs may include:

Behavioral Counseling– Behavioral problems such as excessive barking, chewing, and stress or separation anxiety can make the pet/owner relationship difficult, and are responsible for a large percentage of pet surrenders to shelters. Preventing and treating these conditions is an important part of a healthy relationship, and essential to a pet’s security and happiness.
Customized Health Maintenance Programs (Canine Health and Feline Health)- Our customized veterinary wellness programs are designed to maximize health, well-being, and comfort during all stages of your pet’s life. Preventative Wellness Screens and Breed-Specific Monitoring play an important role in the early detection of disease.
Dietary Counseling– Obesity is one of the most common diseases in pets, and research shows that it may reduce a pet’s lifespan by as much as 30 percent. Dietary adjustments must be made based on their age, sterilization status, and activity level, and your Pet Health Hospital Veterinarian will assess your pet’s Body Condition Score at each visit to ensure their diet is meeting all of their nutritional needs, to help fend off potential health issues.
Geriatrics– Typically starting at 11 years of age for small dogs and as early as 8 years of age in large-breed dogs, the senior life stage is the best time to check for underlying diseases in your pet. Depending on the pet’s breed, simple screening procedures can allow for early diagnosis and treatment of conditions. Your animal doctor will consider your pet’s size to recommend when senior care should begin.
Hospice/ Euthanasia- Losing a family member is never easy, but at Pet Health Hospital, your veterinarian will take the time to discuss your options when quality of life issues surface, and help provide a peaceful passing for your senior pet.
Laparoscopy– Also known as “minimally invasive surgery”, laparoscopy can be a less painful alternative to traditional spay procedures. Smaller incisions are created, thus leading to quicker healing. It is also useful for gastroplexy surgery to prevent bloat in larger breed dogs.
Pain Management– Veterinarians now have a better understanding of how pets experience pain, and believe they feel pain the way people do. Subtle changes in behavior may indicate pain, since animals tend to mask symptoms of pain. Using the right medications, Pet Health Hospital can help your pet live a more comfortable life.
Parasite Control- Despite the dry and arid climate of Las Vegas, pets still are prone to parasites. Your Pet Health Hospital animal doctor can examine your pet’s travel history and environment information to suggest screening and treating pets for parasites, including intestinal, external, and heartworms.
Vaccines– Our vaccine protocol follows the guidelines from the American Animal Hospital Association Canine Vaccination Guideline and the American Association of Feline Practitioners Feline Vaccine Advisory Report. Certain “core” vaccines, particularly those administered at an early age, can provide protection from deadly diseases with a relatively low risk to the pet. Other “non-core” vaccines will only be recommended on an individual basis to the pet parent after discussing with them the risks of the disease based on prior medical history and the chances for exposure.
The veterinarians at Pet Health Hospital are among the best at what they do. They take the health of your pet very seriously, and will spend as much time as necessary to ensure your pet is healthy and has the best quality of life they can have. If you are seeking a Las Vegas veterinarian for your pet’s routine care, or have questions about health concerns, our services may be the perfect match. Our dedication to our patients will keep you coming back, while our expertise and compassion can help you and your pet spend more years together.

New Pet Hospital in Las Vegas

New Pet Hospital in Las Vegas

A new pet hospital in Las Vegas is changing the face of veterinary care. Pet Health and Lifetime Care Center on Desert Inn is the brainchild of Las Vegas veterinarian Dr Mark Beerenstrauch, who started his state-of-the-art practice to provide the highest quality care for pets while evolving the current mainstream approach toward pet health care.
Most pet owners only visit a veterinarian when their pet is ill, has an injury, or needs vaccinations. Recognizing that this is not the best path to overall pet health, Dr Beerenstrauch, or “Dr B” as he is known in the local pet community, has created Feline Health and Canine Health Lifetime Veterinary Care Programs designed to follow patients through every stage of life. A puppy or kitten’s needs can be very different from those of an elderly pet. One major factor these programs take into consideration is the breed of the pet. Breed can give a veterinarian great insight into what diseases or conditions that pet may be prone to, which allows them to screen and observe accordingly. For example, Scottish Terriers are more likely than any other breed to develop bladder cancer, while Boxers are more prone to develop cardiac problems. Early detection and treatment of diseases lead to increased life expectancy in pets, making breed-specific preventative wellness an important part of Pet Health Hospital’s Lifetime Care Programs.

You can expect your pet’s first visit with a Pet Health veterinarian to take longer than a routine exam, so a full evaluation of your pet’s current state of health can be assessed. An individualized wellness program will be created using that information and any known history of health problems your pet may have. In addition to considering breed-specific risks, your Pet Health veterinarian will also address any dental, weight management, behavioral, or other risk factors that may affect the health and lifespan of your pet. This appointment is also an opportunity for your vet to begin educating you on how to provide a higher quality of life for your pet.
The philosophy at Pet Health Hospital is to advocate for your pet throughout his or her life. Dr B has spent the entirety of his career building his wellness programs, which he uses to determine the specific times in that pet’s life when veterinary maintenance is necessary to maintain optimal health. Routine and low-cost procedures are performed as needed to avoid larger and more costly complications that may later compromise the pet patient’s life. Routine vaccinations, wellness checks, and health direction play a significant role in helping pets live a longer and healthier life.

No one will take your pet’s health as seriously as Pet Health Lifetime Care Center on Desert Inn. For questions on their Lifetime Care Programs, or to schedule your pet’s first appointment, contact one of their friendly and helpful staff members. Pet Health Hospital wants to be your first choice when you are seeking a veterinarian in Las Vegas.

Fireworks Scare Pets

More pets get lost on the fourth of July than on any other day of the year.  There are multiple reasons for this statistic, primarily because many animals are afraid of the loud noises associated with fireworks and the fact that many people are outside in their yards on the fourth during celebrations, and do not take the time to make sure that the yard is completely escape-proof.  People coming and going into yards that are fenced may additionally forget to close gates all of the way, allowing scared animals to run away.  Taking some simple precautions to prevent your pet from running away can make the holiday more enjoyable for everyone involved, including your pet.

  1. Make sure your dog or cat is wearing a collar and that there is a current id tag securely attached and visible at all times.
  2. Before any celebration begins, take a clear and current picture of your pet, just in case they were to become lost.
  3. Early in the morning on the fourth, exercise your dog in order to tire them out before your celebration begins.  This will reduce their stress and make them less likely to attempt to escape.
  4. During any cookouts, make sure you ask your guests to play with your dog or cat far away from open flames.
  5. Dogs and cats are curious.  Keep fireworks, charcoal and other hazardous materials far out of the reach of pets.
  6. Pets are going to beg for food from your guests.  Make sure there are plenty of pet-treats on hand that are safe for people to feed them.
  7. During fireworks, lock your dog or cat in the house and give them a treat that will keep them busy.  Our suggestion is a stuffed treat that you know they prefer
  8. Dogs and cats are afraid of loud noises.  Play soothing and gentle music in your home to help cover the noise of the fireworks.
  9. Kennel your pet.  Animals find small spaces comforting.  Put blankets and toys into your pet’s kennel and keep them locked in during parties.
  10. Thundershirts keep many animals calm when loud noises happen.

Taking precautions before your celebration that will guard against your pet being lost is the best method of preventing them from running away.  The noise and confusion of the fourth and the fireworks, as well as the smells of meat cooking on open flames tends to make dogs and cats both curious and afraid, both of which will make them act in ways that they typically do not.  Just because they will “usually stay in the yard” does not mean that they will stay there on the fourth of July.

fourth of july precautions

The Modern Veterinarian

Medical science with regards to human beings has evolved over the years to take into account not just the treatment of  disease and injury, but also the prevention of avoidable maladies and conditions through vaccinations, wellness programs, regular checkups and interval examinations.  The point of these types of treatments is to avoid the long-term and more expensive and life-threatening conditions that arise from poor maintenance of the machine that is your body.  Keeping yourself healthy is one of the best ways to avoid being unhealthy, and knowledge and research based programs give you the tools to keep yourself healthier than if you had no guidance.  Most people would have no idea when to get vaccinations, when to get checkups, when to exercise and what to eat if they had no programs to follow.  This approach to “avoiding getting sick” prevents the types of conditions that potentially grow to a far worse status if left unregulated.

The same approach to “avoiding sickness through prevention” is now being applied to the veterinary trade, and has been spearheaded by Las Vegas veterinarian Dr. Mark Beerenstrauch in his clinic Pet Health Hospital & Lifetime Care Center On Desert Inn.  Through specific wellness programs that have been formulated through years of veterinary research and science, Dr. Beerenstrauch is creating healthier animals instead of just treating sick or injured ones.  “The conditions that cause extreme treatment costs and have life-threatening potentials can be prevented in many cases through routine exams, vaccinations, checkups and wellness plans that take place at specific intervals in a pet’s life,” Dr. Beerenstrauch explained.  “Our approach is to prevent disease instead of just treating it once it has taken hold.  We know that very specific procedures over the course of a pet’s life will have beneficial effects, and could potentially avoid the conditions that could lead to early death and suffering.”

The “Canine Wellness” and “Feline Wellness” programs created by Dr. Beerenstrauch act as a playbook for your pet’s life, and spell out the points at which certain things should be done in order to keep your pet as healthy as possible.  The belief that this approach can create healthier animals for both their own benefit as well as the benefit of their owners is the cornerstone of Pet Health Hospital.  By not having to put a owner in the position of having to put an animal down due to an inability to afford expensive therapies or medications later in life, lives are being saved even if they are not apparent at the time the preventive treatments are done.  “Our goal is to assist owners in the ability to give their pets the best by only having small costs and inconveniences spread out over the lifespan of an animal, instead of letting it all go until an avoidable condition or disease forces you to either pay far more for treatments or make a decision that nobody wants to make.”

The modern veterinarian and the methods that shape the discipline of veterinary care has finally been brought into practice, and Las Vegas animals and pet owners are the beneficiaries.  Make your appointment today to begin your pet’s “lifetime care program.”

Choosing The Right Las Vegas Veterinarian

One of the single most important choices you will make regarding the health and well-being of your pet is the finding of the best veterinarian available in the area. In Las Vegas, there are a lot of veterinarians and animal hospitals to choose from, and the decision to simply visit the once closest to your home might be convenient, but might not be the best decision you can make. Far more important than the convenience of a few less minutes driving to the clinic should be finding the veterinarian that can provide the highest quality care for your animal.

The first step towards choosing the right veterinarian for your pet is deciding when you should make your choice. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is never securing a veterinarian until a time of emergency or crisis arises. When your pet becomes sick or injured, you are probably not in the best state of mind to make choices that are based on research. Chances are if you do not have a number handy to call for a clinic that you already know because you have been there in the past, you are simply going to choose the first one you see on Google or in the phone book. This veterinarian that you have chosen may not have experience with your type of pet, and will have nearly no knowledge or records on your pet from which he can provide good quality care. For this reason, our suggestion is to choose your veterinarian before you ever adopt or purchase your animal. Get references and do research to make sure that this is the right veterinarian for you and your friend.

The best way to go about making a decision about the right veterinarian for you is to visit the clinics yourself and introduce yourself to the staff. Ask to look around a little bit and get a sense as far as the cleanliness and professionalism of the practice. Make a note of what hours they are open, and if they offer emergency visits or only appointments. Ask other pet owners that you might know or have contact with for references for the best veterinarians and who they use for their animals. Call the local rescues and ask them who they would recommend. In Las Vegas, there are lots of resources to find people who would refer you to a veterinarian. You can actually get a list of local animal rescues in Las Vegas as well as local Las Vegas dog parks by clicking the links.

How do you decide the right veterinarian for your dog? The best thing to do first is go visit the veterinary clinics within driving distance of your home. Make an appointment to bring your dog in and be checked out by the veterinarians that are within a reasonable distance from your house, and whom you feel would not be so inconvenient that you would not take your dog in routinely for examinations. While you are there ask lots of questions about the facility and the staff. Ask how many veterinarians they have on staff at any point, and if any of them are specialized in something that you are concerned may effect your dog. Ask if they have dental services, offer vaccinations, and most of all if they offer PET WELLNESS PROGRAMS that will assist your dog in staying healthy, instead of only treating them when they are sick. A great veterinarian is interested in the health of your pet, not just treating them when they are sick and injured. Ongoing health and wellness programs are a better way to care for your pet and are only offered by a few very special veterinarians nation-wide. Pet Health Hospital is one of those veterinary clinics.

What kinds of questions should you ask when you visit? Here is a good list to start:
How are overnight pet patients monitored in this clinic?
What types of equipment does this veterinary clinic have?
Does this veterinary clinic refer to specialists, or are there any specialists on staff?
How are the pet patients evaluated before surgery and anesthesia?
Does this clinic have licensed veterinarians and technicians on staff?
What do you do for pain management of animals in this clinic?
Do you offer lifetime care and wellness programs and advice?

By taking the steps to choose the right veterinarian for you and your pet, if you live in the Las Vegas area or not, you are making a decision that will have long-term implications on the health and well-being of your friend. Choose your veterinarian wisely, and if you are looking for a veterinarian in Las Vegas we certainly hope we are your choice.

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