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We are looking for employees who are open to new ideas and who will enjoy being part of our team process, in which support staff and pet parents unite to deliver the highest quality care to our pet patients.

Why Join Our Pet Health Team?

dogHigh-Quality Medicine

At Pet Health, we accommodate high quality pet care with an exceptional facility, team and treatment model.

  • Less than six years old, our state-of-the-art clinic features all the newest high-tech equipment, which we continue to update.
  • We limit daily procedures to three, which allows ample time and attention to ensure the safety of our surgery patients.
  • We schedule 60 minutes for new pet appointments and 30 minutes for regular wellness exams to ensure our veterinary team has enough time to provide a thorough examination and cover all medical issues without having to rush.

Our philosophy is simple: what we do and want for our own pets is what we recommend to our pet parents.

catGreat Pet Parents

At Pet Health, we focus on pet parents who want something different and better for their pets by meeting a higher standard of care. Most of our pet parents have pet insurance, which allows our Pet Health team to provide a thorough workup and comprehensive treatment with fewer financial limitations. In a crowded, low-cost market, we excel through our passion for high-quality medicine and unparalleled customer service.

Work to LiveWork to Live

At Pet Health we respect and value our employees’ work and personal lives! We strive to support the need for personal and professional fulfillment by providing flexible scheduling options, including:

  • Paid vacation time, which increases based on length of employment
  • Sensible office hours (closed at 3 p.m. on Saturdays, closed on Sundays and closed for holidays)

We value the knowledge and experience long-term employees bring to our team, and we do everything we can to make Pet Health a positive work environment.

petIntegrative Medicine

Our veterinary employees enjoy having more treatment tools available for their pet patients with integrative medicine options. Pet Health’s holistic services include:

  •  acupuncture
  • cold laser therapy
  • medical massage
  • botanical medicine

We encourage our employees to support traditional Western medicine treatment modalities with integrative care methods. We also offer rehabilitation to provide even more treatment options for pets with acute and chronic orthopedic diseases and conditions.

Something Different

Part of the Pet Health philosophy is always questioning the status quo. We built this business on the premise that there is a better way to deliver medical care to pets. Our goal is not to be just another business with a vision statement, but rather to be a truly visionary organization.

To learn more about Pet Health, check out our website at www.PetHealthHospital.com or see what our pet parents are saying about us on Yelp!

Please feel free to apply in person or email your resume to brandon@pethealthhospital.com