Feline Friendliness: Part of the Pet Health Experience

We designed Pet Health’s treatment and customer service model to reflect our love of pets and their parents, and when you bring your pet to us, you become a part of our Pet Health family. While visiting Pet Health, you and your pet will have our undivided attention. We emphasize pet parent involvement through education, discussion, and an invitation to accompany pets during procedures. All pets receive personalized, scientifically-advanced integrative care tailored to their specific health needs. A large part of personalizing care and improving our patient experience includes taking extra steps to make felines, and their pet parents, feel comfortable and relaxed while visiting us.

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The Importance of Feline Wellness Exams

According to a survey conducted by the American Products Association, from 2011 to 2012, people in the United States owned 78.2 million dogs, compared to 86.4 million cats. In light of this data, one would assume more cats visit veterinarians than dogs. Veterinarians, however, see, examine and treat many more dogs than cats, which means lots of felines go out without the medical care they need to live long, healthy lives.

Cats are most comfortable, confident, and relaxed when safely nestled in their own, familiar environment. Naturally, most cats become quite stressed when removed from their everyday surroundings and brought to the veterinary clinic. To avoid the anxiety of a feline appointment, many pet parents avoid scheduling regular wellness exams for their cats. Pet parents use some common misconceptions to justify skipping check ups:

  • Cats are self-sufficient and do not require regular veterinary care.
  • Cats can recover from minor illnesses and injuries on their own.
  • Cats will show early signs of illness.

Unfortunately, cats cannot completely care for themselves and are also masters of disguise, preferring to appear strong and healthy – rather than sick or injured – to any potential threats. As a result, most cats do not show noticeable illness-related symptoms or behavioral changes until a condition is quite advanced, difficult to recover from and expensive to treat.

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The Pet Health Difference, For Cats

We do our best to encourage pet parents to bring their cats in for regular wellness appointments, making extra-special arrangements for cats and their parents when visiting Pet Health to reduce fear and pain for kitties and anxiety for pet parents. We strive to create and continuously strengthen bonds between cats, pet parents, and our veterinarian to build lifelong relationships with feline pets, and we take special care when welcoming cats into our office.

The Things We Do for Love of Cats:

  • We designed a tranquil office environment.
  • We also promise minimal wait times with pets and arrange for particularly anxious pets to wait for the doctor in private exam rooms immediately upon arrival.
  • We use a slow, gentle touch during exams and perform exams in a manner that reduces fear. Cats tend to feel safest when they believe they are out of sight. This often means exams take place while cats are in their carriers or wrapped in towels.
  • We provide pheromone therapy in exam rooms to calm cats.
  • We also play scientifically-composed therapy music in exam rooms, which has been shown to reduce anxiety in cats.

Steps Pet Parents Can Take To Calm Their Cats:

  • We encourage pet parents to maintain a calm, relaxed, and positive attitude throughout their pet’s exam; pets can sense when their parents feel anxious, and this anxiety can stress your cat, too.
  • We invite pet parents to bring their cat’s favorite items from home, such as security blankets or toys that have a familiar scent.
  • We encourage pet parents to use a calming pheromone spray on an item with which their pet will travel to and from our office.
  • Let us know if your pet is easily stressed, so we can better prepare a safe, calm space for your cat to enjoy immediately upon arrival.

We end all veterinary exams on a positive note for cats and their parents. The more successful veterinary visits your cat experiences with us, the more familiar veterinary appointments become, and the less afraid he or she will be during the next exam. If you have any questions or concerns about your cat’s upcoming veterinary visit, we invite you to contact a Pet Health professional today.


– Missie A.

Pet Health Hospital is a life saver. My poor cat was attacked by another cat and developed a terrible abscess on her little head. Dr. Pizzillo was the attending veterinarian who treated my BabyGir!!. She was able to get the situation under control before it became more serious. Dr. Pizzillo is compassionate and caring. She has a very calming way about her and put my worries at ease. The entire staff is very professional and welcoming. I am going to recommend Pet Health Hospital to anyone needing an excellent veterinarian. Thank you to all of you!!!!

– Jennifer C.

Pet Health has been a wonderful health care service for our baby – Gracie.  She has a very serious health issue arise – and Dr. Lewis texted on a regular basis to check on her, to see how things were progressing and to see if we needed any help.   I am very grateful for their genuine love and concern for our dog.  thank you!

– Mee F.

Love this vet! Clean and high tech! The entire staff was friendly and so loving to my dog! First time here and I have already recommended this place to all my friends! The vet even followed up with us as she said she would on the urine test.

– Adrian W.

Great place. We’ve been to many vets throughout our dogs 7 years life span. This is the best place we’ve been to so far. Dr. Renee Lewis has a great presence and our dog was surprisingly extremely calm around her (he like every other dog, don’t like vets..).

This clinic is not very pushy wanting to do ‘extra’ work to create a larger bill. 

Dr. Lewis also showed that she really cared and took her time to get to know our dog, and explaining everything after the surgery. 

I’m done with Veterinaries that only cares about profit and rush through the consultation because they’re overbooked!

The staff here are also very friendly and helpful. They made us feel welcome!

I highly recommend this place!


– Sarah W.

Pet Health Animal Hospital is simply amazing. We found Dr. B and his team shortly after adopting our first dog. Being new to the area, we were concerned with finding the right vet that cared about our dog as much as we did. Lucky enough, we walked right into the perfect vet. From overnight stays to surgeries, Dr B and his team make us feel so comfortable, put any concern at ease, and are masters of communication. There is never a question left unanswered, or an update left undelivered. The whole team knows our dogs when we walk in, and our dogs are always excited and sprinting to get into the vet to see them. I tell people all the time that my favorite part of living in Las Vegas is Pet Health Animal Hospital!

– Andrew G.

The doctors and assistants do an amazing job here. I wasn’t sure what to do with my Sasha so I brought her in fearing the worst. Dr. Jessica Pizzillo was simply the best. She was able to remove the growth the same day and at a fraction of the cost of other estimates I had received, all while putting my Sasha through the least amount of trauma possible.

The front desk staff was also very kind and understanding when it comes to stressful situations like this. Stephanie and the rest of the staff made me feel comfortable and were very professional.

– Scott H.

Absolutely incredible vet! The level of service and attention is the best I’ve ever experienced anywhere.