The Vaccine Titer Controversy: Deciding What’s Best for Your Dog

When your pet receives a vaccination (these contain antigens, substances which trigger an immune response) or is exposed to a disease, his or her body produces antibodies to fight the illness. Antibodies also protect your pet against contracting diseases in the future. Intended to verify immunity to particular diseases, a vaccine titer is a laboratory test which uses a blood sample to measure the presence and amount of these protective antibodies in a pet’s blood.

In veterinary medicine, titers are sometimes used to determine whether or not a patient is adequately protected against certain diseases including:

  • Canine distemper virus
  • Canine parvo virus
  • Feline panleukopenia virus
  • Rabies virus

A positive test indicates the dog is protected. A negative test indicates the dog has too few antibodies to prevent disease. The idea is that if immunity can be verified, then pets avoid receiving unnecessary vaccinations. This sounds good, but pet parents should understand the positive and negative aspects of vaccine titers before making any decisions about opting pets out of vaccinations.

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Vaccine Titer Pros

Veterinarians sometimes use vaccine titers to determine if a dog or cat has sufficient levels of antibodies to protect against disease. Some dogs do not respond properly to vaccination (non-responders), and puppies often have maternal antibodies in their systems which interfere with vaccine efficacy. Two weeks following an initial vaccination, titers can tell us if puppies have adequate antibodies or if they need another round of vaccines.
In addition, titers can also help us determine whether or not a pet with an unknown vaccine history still needs to be vaccinated. They can also be used to verify a pet’s safety, in the event the dog has a history of negative reaction to vaccination. Regardless of titer results, pet parents must adhere to local laws and guidelines regarding rabies vaccinations.

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Vaccine Advice from a Pet Health Veterinarian

Although vaccine titers have some advantages, due to their cost and inability to consistently provide sound results, we typically do not recommend them. The vaccines we use today are extremely safe, and often times last 3-5 years depending on the vaccine. We encourage you to talk with your Pet Health veterinarian about the best course of action for your unique pet’s individual wellness plan.

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Vaccine Titer Cons

Although they can be a useful tool, there are lots of reasons to disregard vaccine titers. For starters, they typically cost more than routine vaccines. If a titer has a negative result, you will end up paying for both titers and vaccinations.

The results of these tests are also highly unreliable for a number of reasons:

  • A negative result does not necessarily mean a pet is unprotected; titers only test for certain antibodies, which are only one piece of the equation for protecting pets against disease. Titers do not test for cell-mediated immunity or memory B-lymphocytes, which often exist even with low antibody levels.
  • In addition to indicating vaccination history, positive test results might also indicate exposure to a disease or current infection.
  • Titers only test antibodies for a few common diseases against which core vaccines protect.
  • Pets lose immunity to specific diseases at uniquely variable rates. Based on a single titer test, there is no way to predict how often a pet will need to be vaccinated.

Although medical exemption laws are present in some states, most local laws will not accept a positive rabies titer result in lieu of vaccination. Pets are required to have rabies tags, as the disease is highly zoonotic and dangerous for people.


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This clinic is not very pushy wanting to do ‘extra’ work to create a larger bill. 

Dr. Lewis also showed that she really cared and took her time to get to know our dog, and explaining everything after the surgery. 

I’m done with Veterinaries that only cares about profit and rush through the consultation because they’re overbooked!

The staff here are also very friendly and helpful. They made us feel welcome!

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The front desk staff was also very kind and understanding when it comes to stressful situations like this. Stephanie and the rest of the staff made me feel comfortable and were very professional.

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