Which Las Vegas veterinarians offer pet lifetime care programs?

Pet wellness and lifetime care programs are not typically practiced by many veterinarians, and as far as we know our clinic is the only one in Las Vegas that is utilizing specific lifetime wellness programs in order to aid our pet patients to avoid diseases and complications that arise later in life.  One thing that is worth noting is that wellness programs like the ones that are followed at Pet Health Hospital are specifically constructed in order to prevent the maladies in pets that have higher costs associated, like therapies, surgeries and ongoing treatments for ailments.  What this translates to is that over the course of the care of a typical pet’s life, the more expensive procedures that will effect pet’s that have not received ongoing maintenance care are avoided in more cases that those where ongoing maintenance was followed.  This means that a typical pet parent will actually pay less money in veterinary care to our clinic over the lifetime of their pet due to the fact that the maintenance procedures that keep the animal healthy cost far less than the types of surgeries and treatments that we are trying to avoid.  One surgery for a disease that could have been prevented may cost thousands of dollars, where the vaccinations and checkups that aided in avoiding that ailment only cost a few hundred, spread out over a period of years.  Although checkups and vaccinations when the pet is not sick may seem difficult for some pet owners to digest, it is the very essence of keeping the pet healthy, thus costing less money to the owner in the long run.

The Pet Health And Lifetime Care Center On Desert Inn clinic is the only animal veterinary hospital in Las Vegas that offers these types of programs, which have been crafted utilizing over a decade of research by Dr. Mark Beerenstrauch, the founder and lead veterinarian.  Dr. Beerenstrauch utilized his long history of experience treating dogs and cats in Las Vegas (our local climate actually does produce some potential health concerns that are unique to our community) and married that with the theories of preventive medicine that are utilized for human beings in modern medical settings to produce his “canine health” and “feline health” programs.  These unique programs are a guiding set of suggestions that include not only the considerations of the type of pet, but also more specific suggestions that are based on more unique factors like breed, age and general health.  The preventive treatments and vaccination schedules differ for large and small dogs and cats, and each breed itself faces a unique set of challenges over the course of their lifetime.  Through careful study of the idiosyncrasies of each type of dog and cat, Dr. Beerenstrauch crafted a plan that will provide practical guidance for your pet over the course of it’s lifetime, in an attempt to keep the animal healthy and happy, free from injury and disease.  By following these pet-specific plans which are unified with the existing and ongoing medical records that your pet has generated, Dr. Beerenstrauch can have a much more specific plan of action to not only prevent expensive and potentially dangerous treatments and procedures, but also manage and deal with existing health conditions more effectively.  The takeaway from this veterinary philosophy is healthier pets over the lifetime of their care, costing clients less money and preventing as many cases of disease as possible. Within the Las Vegas community, there is very little as far as progressive medicine with regards to pets.  Most veterinarians in our community utilize a standard and traditional approach to care, treating animals when they are sick and vaccinating them when their owners bring them in for another procedure.  Through the novel approach of pet disease prevention, Dr. Beerenstrauch hopes to change the face of veterinary care in Las Vegas as well as the rest of the country.

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