Pet Health Expertise Unleashed: Conquering Osteoarthritis

April isn’t just about spring blooms; it’s also the month we dedicate to understanding and managing osteoarthritis in our beloved pets at Pet Health. Our team is here to share invaluable insights on tackling this condition and improving your pet’s quality of life. In this edition of “Pet Health Expertise Unleashed,” each of our doctors reveals their go-to tips for managing osteoarthritis in your furry companions.

1-Dr.-Mark-Beerenstrauch-DVM Headshot

Dr. B’s Persistence Pays Off:
Exploring Treatment Options

Dr. B urges pet parents not to settle for “alright” when it comes to osteoarthritis. He advises, “We have many safe and effective options to help pets improve their mobility and quality of life. From joint supplements to underwater treadmill sessions, finding the right combination takes patience and persistence. It’s essential to communicate and work closely with your veterinarian to let them know how your pet is doing and what is working or not.”

2-Dr.-Renee-Lewis-DVM-cVMA Headshot

Dr. Lewis’ Laser and Acupuncture:
Gentle Relief for Aching Joints

Dr. Lewis finds success with acupuncture and laser therapy for her osteoarthritis patients. She shares, “Acupuncture and laser therapy offer gentle relief, especially for pets averse to handling and needles. It’s remarkable how well pets respond to these treatments, often finding relaxation and relief. These holistic approaches target physical discomfort and promote overall well-being and relaxation.”

Dr.-DeVilbiss-1 Headshot

Dr. DeVilbiss’ Supplemental Support: Tailoring Treatment

Dr. DeVilbiss emphasizes the importance of tailored supplementation for osteoarthritis. “Joint supplements are essential, but the choice varies. Young dogs with hip dysplasia benefit from preventative supplements like Cosequin, while older patients with clinical signs may need prescription-grade options like Dasuquin Advanced. Additionally, monitoring your pet’s response to supplements and adjusting the dosage as needed is crucial for optimizing their comfort and mobility.”

6-Dr.-Allison-Clarke-DVM-1 Headshot

Dr. Clarke’s Palette of Treatments: Personalized Care

Dr. Clarke views arthritis treatment as an artistic palette. She explains, “There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Mix and match treatments until you find the perfect blend for your pet. Whether it’s laser, joint supplements, or other modalities like Librella, customize the treatment to suit your pet’s needs. Regular check-ins with your veterinarian allow for ongoing adjustments to ensure your pet’s comfort and well-being.”

Dr.-Mkhitarian Headshot

Dr. Mkhitarian’s Weighty Recommendation: Shedding Pounds for Relief

Dr. Mkhitarian prioritizes weight loss for overweight pets with osteoarthritis. “Achieving a healthy body condition score significantly improves mobility and is cost-effective in the long run. Prescription diet foods may seem pricey, but they’re a worthwhile investment compared to ongoing medications and monitoring. Additionally, incorporating low-impact exercises into your pet’s routine, such as swimming or gentle walks, can further support weight management and joint health.”

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Dr. Pizzillo’s Omega-3 Wisdom: Harnessing Anti-Inflammatory Power

Dr. Pizzillo advocates for Omega-3 fatty acids to manage arthritis. She advises, “Focus on EPA and DHA content for effective anti-inflammatory effects. Consistent supplementation over two months significantly improves joint health. Patience and consistency yield promising results. Choosing high-quality supplements and monitoring your pet’s response closely is essential to ensure they receive optimal benefits.”

Empowering Pets, Embracing Mobility

Armed with these expert tips from our Pet Health team, you can embark on a journey to alleviate your pet’s osteoarthritis discomfort. April marks a month of dedication to improving mobility and enhancing your furry friend’s quality of life. Let’s step into spring with joy and comfort for our beloved pets!