Pet Health Expertise Unleashed: Dental Home Care Wisdom from Our Vets

February is not just about hearts; it’s also about smiles—pet smiles, to be exact! As we celebrate National Pet Dental Month, our team at Pet Health is excited to share some expert tips on keeping your furry friend’s pearly whites in top-notch condition. In this edition of “Pet Health Expertise Unleashed,” each of our doctors reveals their go-to dental home care advice. Let’s dive into pet dentistry with insights from our esteemed team.

1-Dr.-Mark-Beerenstrauch-DVM Headshot

Dr. B’s Pantyhose Trick: Feline-Friendly Toothbrushing

Dr. B understands the challenges of getting feline friends on board with toothbrushing. He shares, “I like to use pantyhose as my toothbrush for cats. It fits around the finger, giving pet parents better control. Soft and abrasive, it’s generally well-tolerated, making dental care easier.”

2-Dr.-Renee-Lewis-DVM-cVMA Headshot

Dr. Lewis’s Tasty Toothbrushing Tip

Dr. Lewis suggests a unique approach to toothbrushing. “Feed your pet’s favorite treat during toothbrushing. Positive reinforcement is key! Brushing your teeth while enjoying a snack is better than not brushing at all. Let’s turn dental care into a treat-filled bonding experience!”

Dr.-DeVilbiss-1 Headshot

Dr. DeVilbiss’s Daily Dental Commitment

Dr. DeVilbiss emphasizes the importance of consistency in dental care. She advises, “Doing something daily is crucial. Please don’t give up, and don’t force it! Baby steps and positive reinforcement create a foundation for years of good oral health. Combine different products for comprehensive dental care.”

6-Dr.-Allison-Clarke-DVM-1 Headshot

Dr. Clarke’s Toothpaste Treat Trick

Dr. Clarke, our cat aficionado, recommends finding a toothpaste that feels like a treat. “If your pet enjoys the toothpaste, the whole process becomes easier. Make toothbrushing a joint activity during your teeth-brushing routine. It’s a simple way to seamlessly integrate dental care into your pet’s day.”

Dr.-Mkhitarian Headshot

Dr. Mkhitarian’s Daily Dental Prescription

Dr. Mkhitarian stresses the importance of daily toothbrushing. “Once a month at the groomer doesn’t cut it. Daily toothbrushing is key for effectiveness. Monthly sessions at the groomers may only move bacteria around and could be painful for pets with dental issues.”

Row-1-3-Dr.-Jessica-Pizzillo-DVM Headshot

Dr. Pizzillo’s Preventative Dental Cleanings

Dr. Pizzillo advocates for toothbrushing but acknowledges that it may not always be feasible. “Yearly dental preventative cleanings are the second-best option. Start them early and, in some cases, more frequently for optimal preventative care. It’s an investment in your pet’s lifelong dental health.”

Unleash Your Pet’s Best Smile!

There you have it—expert tips from our stellar team at Pet Health. As you celebrate National Pet Dental Month, consider incorporating these insights into your routine. A healthy smile is a happy smile, and with a little effort, you can make dental care a positive experience for your cherished companion.