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Update – Canine Influenza Outbreak In Las Vegas 

Las Vegas Specific Information Recently, there have been reports of confirmed cases of canine influenza (CI) from reputable Las Vegas shelters and animal organizations such as the Animal Foundation, Henderson Animal Shelter, and Nevada SPCA. While Pet Health Hospital has not identified any confirmed cases of CI, pet parents must be vigilant and well-informed about […]

The Importance of Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth

We’re told to brush our teeth at least twice daily; some even brush after every meal. Just like we must brush our teeth to prevent gum disease, pets must have their teeth brushed, too! Pets need their teeth brushed for the same reason we do – to remove food, debris, and plaque from the surface […]

5 Signs of Dental Pain in Pets

Hey there, Pet Parents! Dr. B here, and I’m thrilled to kick off Pet Dental Month by shedding light on the top 5 signs that your pet might be dealing with dental pain. February is all about those pearly whites, and it’s crucial to recognize the signs because, guess what, dental disease isn’t just a […]

Pet Health Spotlight: Healing Journeys – Winnie’s Wholesome Weight Loss Story

Meet Cindy, the heart behind this incredible journey, and her delightful companion, Winnie, a Basset with a story of resilience and transformation. A Rescue Turns into a Journey of Healing: Cindy, a Las Vegas Basset Rescue volunteer, welcomed Winnie into her life on August 30, 2022. Once burdened with an 87-pound weight, this four-legged friend needed more than […]

Beating the Heat: Keeping Your Pup Fit and Fabulous in Vegas!

Welcome to the city where the sun always shines! While the Las Vegas summer can be sizzling, keeping your furry friend active and healthy doesn’t have to be a challenge. Pet Health has the scoop on how to exercise your dogs in the hot Las Vegas summer while ensuring their general health and weight loss […]

Pet Health Spotlight: Healing Journeys – Caico’s Inspiring Weight Loss Story 🌟

Welcome to “Pet Health Spotlight: Healing Journeys,” where we celebrate the remarkable stories of our pet patients. This month, we’re thrilled to share the inspiring weight-loss journey of Caico, a spirited 2-year-old silver lab, and her dedicated pet parent, Ester. Get ready for a heartwarming tale of determination, support, and the joy that comes with […]