Is pet wellness care like human programs?

Many years ago, doctors figured out that preventing many illnesses and diseases in humans involved changing your lifestyle, eating habits and regularity with which you are examined by a medical professional.

Those same doctors realized that if you were to find early signs of cancer in a human being, treating it at that stage gives you a far better prognosis of oneday being cancer-free.

If you are having trouble with diabetes, a change in your lifestyle and the way you eat will prolong your life. If you are having trouble with your heart, a change to your diet and exercise routines are critical to keeping your health in good order. These changes to your routines in your life need to be constructed by people who understand how they will effect your overall well being, and a simple diagnosis of “needing more exercise” does not actually tell the patient what they need to do in order to change their health. Wellness programs were designed to take into consideration the unique factors that make each person different, and use the knowledge of what types of changes have what effect to gradually improve the overall health of the patient for the better. While many people involved in wellness programs will still get sick, the idea is to improve the overall health to the best possible place, preventing as much that is avoidable as possible. These same types of programs can be employed with regards to the health and well being of pets, and is employed at Pet Health Hospital.

Pet Health Hospital is unique in that we do not just treat the illnesses that your pet might have, but we provide a lifelong guide for you to follow in order to keep your pet in the best condition they can be. This is accomplished through the use of years of knowledge and treating of different breeds of animals, and combining the routine maintenance that is suggested for all animals with additional elements that are specific to prevent the health issues that we know effect your pet’s breed. This may mean that an animal who is of a breed that is prone to cancer will have a screening that might not be done on an animal who is of a breed with less of a propensity. It might also mean that the diet and exercise regimen that is suggested for your dog might be very different than that which is suggested for a different dog, taking into consideration the factors of their weight, age and breed. By considering all of these elements and developing a lifelong plan to take them into consideration, we find that we can provide ongoing low cost treatments that can potentially avoid high cost surgeries or treatments in the future. It is one of the elements that makes Pet Health Animal Hospital unique.

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