Las Vegas Veterinarian

In Las Vegas, there are many veterinarians. We feel we are the best choice for your pet, and we feel that if you come by our animal hospital to take a tour and see our facilities, you will feel the same way. However, for those who do not have the time to come by and meet us in person, here are a few reasons that we hope you consider when you are deciding which facility in Las Vegas should provide the medical care for your best friend.

Dr. Beerenstrauch (Dr. B to his patients) has been practicing the art of veterinary care for many years, and is not new to Las Vegas. He worked for many years as the lead veterinarian at another animal hospital in town, and developed a reputation for being one of the most knowledgeable and caring doctors available. When he made the decision to leave that clinic and start his own practice, he began a journey into developing what he feels is the best of the best as far as animal care, putting many of the philosophies of traditional human medical care into practice in his new facility. For nearly a year while the clinic was being constructed, Dr. B hosted a weekly radio show broadcasting from here in Las Vegas involving the care of animals, and over the course of that time had many specialists and visionaries within the animal community on the show as guests to help educate the public on the appropriate care of their pets. The show grew quite popular, but ceased broadcasting once the new facility was opened, due to a lack of available time. Since that point, Dr. B has dedicated his time to creating the Pet Health And Wellness Programs for Dogs and Cats, whereby specific breed and age conditions are considered in order to provide preventive health programs which are followed by pet parents from the time they first adopt their pet to it’s final days. These programs are designed after human health and wellness programs which serve to avoid disease and injury through inexpensive, preventive treatments and vaccinations. The point is to avoid the health issues that are known to be specific for different breeds and animals in order to provide them with healthier and happier lives.

Pet Health Hospital is a different kind of veterinarian in that we do not only concentrate on healing animals when they suffer injuries or health issues, but instead we provide our customers with the plan to prevent the conditions we know effect each breed. The Wellness Programs are mapped out the first time your pet visits us, giving us a blueprint to follow of regular maintenance that will help prevent many known issues. Just like human beings are being provided with ways to improve their health and therefor avoid disease, we apply that same philosophy to pets. The Wellness Programs are of no additional charge, and are simply a series of reminders beyond the simple vaccination schedules that are sent out, giving the pet parent the ability to take charge of keeping their pet healthier.

If you would like more information about our clinic or our Wellness Programs for pets, stop by and say hello.