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Las Vegas dog and cat veterinarian

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities in the world, with thousands of visitors every month as well as millions of permanent residents.  Medical care is necessary for all of these people, and medical care is equally important for their pets.  Luckily, Las Vegas veterinarians like the highly trained staff at Pet Health Hospital make it an easy choice for those who call our city home.  While there are hundreds of veterinarians in Las Vegas all offering the same types of services, Pet Health Hospital has differentiated itself by concentrating on wellness in animals, instead of just treating the illnesses.  What this means is that we are taking a completely unique approach to veterinary medicine, and although prevention does not have the high costs that are associated with surgeries and high-end treatments, we feel that it is in everyone’s best interest to prevent the diseases and injuries that we have the ability to.  This will create happier and healthier patients, as well as happier pet-parents.

What makes our type of veterinary services different than everyone elses? It all starts with our Canine Health and our Feline Health programs, which were created by our founder and lead veterinarian, Dr. Mark Beerenstrauch.  These specialized programs take the very things that veterinarians know about each specific breed of dog and cat, and map out a lifetime care program specifically for that particular pet by considering the breed, age, and many other individual factors.  With this plan in place, it makes it easy for the pet parent to stay on top of the vaccinations, exams and potentially treatments that will keep their particular pet in tip top health.  Instead of taking a blanket approach to veterinary medicine where all animals are treated the same, we take a scientific approach that allows us to plan for all of the potential health problems that your particular pet might face, based upon the type of animal they are.  By preventing common ailments that are breed-specific, we can help our Las Vegas animal population to be significantly healthier that areas where such programs do not exist.  By maintaining better health in our patients, we create a healthier community.

Contact us today to ask about our programs, and allow us to prove to you that all Las Vegas veterinarians are not the same.  Once you experience the difference, we are confident we will be welcoming you to the Pet Health family!