Why lifetime veterinary care is superior

The philosophy behind the veterinary care that your pet receives is one of the most important aspects of the entire process.  While most people are conditioned to believe that the job of a veterinarian is to simply treat illnesses in animals, provide vaccinations and assist with injuries, a new philosophy on the practice has begun to take shape in Las Vegas and in other areas, Pet Health Hospital being one of the leaders in this new idea.  The concept is “lifetime care and wellness programs.”

While standard veterinary procedures and treatment plans will typically earn more money for the veterinary clinic over time, due to the fact that it is far more profitable to treat large scale illnesses with surgeries and medicines than it is to prevent them in the first place, some veterinarians are beginning to subscribe to the philosophy of preventing the illnesses using the research that we have developed over years of practice.  The simple fact is that we know that many diseases are preventable as long as certain measures are taken at different periods in the animal’s life.  The real issue was attempting to create programs that actually fit specific breeds and types of pets in a way that could be followed as a roadmap.  Dr. Beerenstrauch has spent years compiling specific information on the lifetime care of different breeds, genetics, ages and types of pets into a blueprint that will cover nearly any dog or cat in a general way.

The Canine Wellness and Feline Wellness programs he has developed are not predictors of specific ailments that pets may or may not get, but instead represent a maintenance plan that extends across the animal’s lifetime and takes into consideration aspects of that animal’s specific makeup that have been proven over time.  One breed of dog or cat is different than another when creating a plan that can be followed by a parent over the course of years.  Different breeds of each animal need specific things at different points in their lives in order to maximize the health landscape.  Specific breeds are also prone to things that other breeds are not, and should have these specifics considered when planning maintenance procedures.  This is the specific route that Dr. Beerenstrauch took when constructing the lifetime care programs that Pet Health Hospital has adopted as the guiding philosophy within their Las Vegas clinic, and hopes to one day see spread to veterinarians in other facilities across the nation. The periodic veterinary maintenance procedures that Pet Health Hospital suggests for your pet are not a cookie cutter set of rules, but instead represent a guideline for maintaining the well being of your particular breed of pet, one which is further customized and modified based on specific facts about your pet in particular including breed, age, health and other elements.  Through utilizing the Pet Health Hospital guidance plans, pet owners have the ability to potentially avoid the expensive and potentially deadly illnesses and maladies that effect animals who are left untreated.  The best part is that the plans are free of charge, and do not add any cost to your veterinary care.  They are offered by Pet Health Hospital as a way to keep in better touch with the health of your pet, and as a result allow your pet to live a longer and healthier life.