A New Type Of Veterinary Center

Pet Health Hospital will be the first veterinary center and animal hospital of it’s kind to service the Las Vegas area.  This unique concept was developed by Dr. Mark Beerenstrauch in order to provide better animal care to his patients, reducing costs and improving the health situations of pets at the same time.  This is accomplished by applying the concepts of “preventive medicine” and “lifetime care” that are generally reserved for humans to animals.  “The body of an animal is affected by the same types of diseases, maladies, injuries and age-related problems that the human body is, so why not utilize the concepts that have assisted humans in prolonging our lives to animals as well,”  Beerenstrauch said.

Preventive medicine concentrates on keeping the body of the patient healthy in order to prevent the larger-scale problems that become associated with poor health.  Essentially, the concept is based on the idea that small preventive procedures at regular intervals over the course of a lifetime will keep the body healthier and stronger, giving the patient the ability to avoid larger maladies more effectively than weaker patients.  This form of prevention over the course of a lifetime will assist both the patient to avoid the larger diseases and health problems, but additionally will help the ones paying the bills to avoid procedures which are far more costly than small preventive procedures.

Keeping regular vaccination schedules and check-ups may cost a small visitation fee, but adding up the costs of these small procedures pales in comparison to the costs of large treatments that come about as part of emergencies.  A single operation to save a life might cost thousands of dollars, where regular vaccinations only costs a few hundred over a pet’s lifetime.  Through these types of regular maintenance, pet owners are able to avoid the larger bills many times, and potentially also avoid having to make grave decisions based on their monetary situation that they would not otherwise have to make.

Animal care has rarely been approached this way, as most people are not able to keep up with the routine maintenance of their animals as they do not understand when regular checkups should happen, or what to request at those times.  Pet Health Hospital has made these programs easy by mapping out the specifics of pet’s lives and the routine maintenance associated, and providing these plans to the patients.  From the day you bring your new puppy home until the end of his or her life, Pet Health Hospital can provide the plan that will keep their health as tip-top as it possibly can be.  While all large health situations can not be avoided, many can be prevented if a lifetime plan is followed.  Pet Health Hospital is bringing this concept to Las Vegas, and pets as well as their owners will enjoy a happier and healthier life as a result.