Choosing The Right Las Vegas Veterinarian

One of the single most important choices you will make regarding the health and well-being of your pet is the finding of the best veterinarian available in the area. In Las Vegas, there are a lot of veterinarians and animal hospitals to choose from, and the decision to simply visit the once closest to your home might be convenient, but might not be the best decision you can make. Far more important than the convenience of a few less minutes driving to the clinic should be finding the veterinarian that can provide the highest quality care for your animal.

The first step towards choosing the right veterinarian for your pet is deciding when you should make your choice. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is never securing a veterinarian until a time of emergency or crisis arises. When your pet becomes sick or injured, you are probably not in the best state of mind to make choices that are based on research. Chances are if you do not have a number handy to call for a clinic that you already know because you have been there in the past, you are simply going to choose the first one you see on Google or in the phone book. This veterinarian that you have chosen may not have experience with your type of pet, and will have nearly no knowledge or records on your pet from which he can provide good quality care. For this reason, our suggestion is to choose your veterinarian before you ever adopt or purchase your animal. Get references and do research to make sure that this is the right veterinarian for you and your friend.

The best way to go about making a decision about the right veterinarian for you is to visit the clinics yourself and introduce yourself to the staff. Ask to look around a little bit and get a sense as far as the cleanliness and professionalism of the practice. Make a note of what hours they are open, and if they offer emergency visits or only appointments. Ask other pet owners that you might know or have contact with for references for the best veterinarians and who they use for their animals. Call the local rescues and ask them who they would recommend. In Las Vegas, there are lots of resources to find people who would refer you to a veterinarian. You can actually get a list of local animal rescues in Las Vegas as well as local Las Vegas dog parks by clicking the links.

How do you decide the right veterinarian for your dog? The best thing to do first is go visit the veterinary clinics within driving distance of your home. Make an appointment to bring your dog in and be checked out by the veterinarians that are within a reasonable distance from your house, and whom you feel would not be so inconvenient that you would not take your dog in routinely for examinations. While you are there ask lots of questions about the facility and the staff. Ask how many veterinarians they have on staff at any point, and if any of them are specialized in something that you are concerned may effect your dog. Ask if they have dental services, offer vaccinations, and most of all if they offer PET WELLNESS PROGRAMS that will assist your dog in staying healthy, instead of only treating them when they are sick. A great veterinarian is interested in the health of your pet, not just treating them when they are sick and injured. Ongoing health and wellness programs are a better way to care for your pet and are only offered by a few very special veterinarians nation-wide. Pet Health Hospital is one of those veterinary clinics.

What kinds of questions should you ask when you visit? Here is a good list to start:
How are overnight pet patients monitored in this clinic?
What types of equipment does this veterinary clinic have?
Does this veterinary clinic refer to specialists, or are there any specialists on staff?
How are the pet patients evaluated before surgery and anesthesia?
Does this clinic have licensed veterinarians and technicians on staff?
What do you do for pain management of animals in this clinic?
Do you offer lifetime care and wellness programs and advice?

By taking the steps to choose the right veterinarian for you and your pet, if you live in the Las Vegas area or not, you are making a decision that will have long-term implications on the health and well-being of your friend. Choose your veterinarian wisely, and if you are looking for a veterinarian in Las Vegas we certainly hope we are your choice.