8 Things To NEVER Feed Your Pet

There are many human foods that are very bad for pets to eat, but some can be downright deadly. Here is a quick list of foods to never let your pets eat, and if they were to eat them it is best to get them to a veterinarian very quickly.

  1. CHOCOLATE – Although primarily a food to never let a dog eat, nearly all animals will have an adverse reaction to eating chocolate.  It overstimulates the nervous system and heart, causing potential permanent damage or even death if enough is consumed.
  2. GRAPES AND RAISINS – Even small amounts of grapes and raisins can have adverse effects on dogs and cats, so it is best to keep them away from the availability because animals will naturally eat large amounts of the sweet treats.  Grapes and raising can cause kidney damage in dogs and cats.
  3. GARLIC AND ONIONS – A common occurrence when cutting onions at a counter is to have some of the chopped pieces fall to the floor.  Animals are very curious about foods that they may have never tried before, and potentially will move very quickly to grab the pieces that have dropped.  Garlic and onions can cause damage to red blood cells in animals.
  4. XYLITOL (SUGARLESS GUM) – Xylitol is a common ingredient in sugar-free gums and candies.  Because the sweet flavor of the gum in very interesting to dogs, and many times gum is stored in purses, pocketbooks or pants that are left on the floor, animals will commonly sniff them out and eat entire packs.  Xylitol causes increased insulin secretion in animals that can be very harmful to their health.
  5. ALCOHOL – Alcohol depresses the nervous system in animals, and can cause large and rapid health issues if consumed.  This is complicated by the common occurrence of interest being shown by dogs when people are drinking beer.  “Look, my dog likes the taste of beer” leads to people allowing their dogs to drink some in order to see if it makes them drunk.  This is to be avoided at all costs, as it can cause immediate adverse reactions like alcohol poisoning.  Animal bodies do not synthesize alcohol the same way human bodies do, and it can be very dangerous for them to drink.
  6. RAW YEAST AND BREAD DOUGH – The fermentation effects of yeast that take place in the animal’s stomach can cause alcohol poisoning, which can be deadly to dogs.  The gasses that will quickly build up in the digestive tract can also cause severe pain.
  7. MACADAMIA NUTS – Macadamia nuts do not process in dog’s and cat’s bodies very effectively, which can bring on muscle and nervous system problems.
  8. AVOCADOS – Avocados are known to contain persin, which causes damage to animal’s heart muscle and can lead to cardiac arrest.
  9. BONUS – MINOXIDIL – This is the primary ingredient in Rogain, as well as other hair-loss treatments in humans.  Minoxidil is deadly for cats to ingest, and even slight contact with the ingredient can have large-scale health effects.  If your cat likes to rub your head with their body, make sure you do not let them touch your head if you are using Rogain.