The Modern Veterinarian

Medical science with regards to human beings has evolved over the years to take into account not just the treatment of  disease and injury, but also the prevention of avoidable maladies and conditions through vaccinations, wellness programs, regular checkups and interval examinations.  The point of these types of treatments is to avoid the long-term and more expensive and life-threatening conditions that arise from poor maintenance of the machine that is your body.  Keeping yourself healthy is one of the best ways to avoid being unhealthy, and knowledge and research based programs give you the tools to keep yourself healthier than if you had no guidance.  Most people would have no idea when to get vaccinations, when to get checkups, when to exercise and what to eat if they had no programs to follow.  This approach to “avoiding getting sick” prevents the types of conditions that potentially grow to a far worse status if left unregulated.

The same approach to “avoiding sickness through prevention” is now being applied to the veterinary trade, and has been spearheaded by Las Vegas veterinarian Dr. Mark Beerenstrauch in his clinic Pet Health Hospital & Lifetime Care Center On Desert Inn.  Through specific wellness programs that have been formulated through years of veterinary research and science, Dr. Beerenstrauch is creating healthier animals instead of just treating sick or injured ones.  “The conditions that cause extreme treatment costs and have life-threatening potentials can be prevented in many cases through routine exams, vaccinations, checkups and wellness plans that take place at specific intervals in a pet’s life,” Dr. Beerenstrauch explained.  “Our approach is to prevent disease instead of just treating it once it has taken hold.  We know that very specific procedures over the course of a pet’s life will have beneficial effects, and could potentially avoid the conditions that could lead to early death and suffering.”

The “Canine Wellness” and “Feline Wellness” programs created by Dr. Beerenstrauch act as a playbook for your pet’s life, and spell out the points at which certain things should be done in order to keep your pet as healthy as possible.  The belief that this approach can create healthier animals for both their own benefit as well as the benefit of their owners is the cornerstone of Pet Health Hospital.  By not having to put a owner in the position of having to put an animal down due to an inability to afford expensive therapies or medications later in life, lives are being saved even if they are not apparent at the time the preventive treatments are done.  “Our goal is to assist owners in the ability to give their pets the best by only having small costs and inconveniences spread out over the lifespan of an animal, instead of letting it all go until an avoidable condition or disease forces you to either pay far more for treatments or make a decision that nobody wants to make.”

The modern veterinarian and the methods that shape the discipline of veterinary care has finally been brought into practice, and Las Vegas animals and pet owners are the beneficiaries.  Make your appointment today to begin your pet’s “lifetime care program.”