Coconut Oil For Dogs And Cats

Most veterinarians will agree that using coconut oil in your pet’s diet will have benefits, just like most doctors will agree that using it is beneficial to humans.  Here are the specific benefits of mixing coconut oil into your pet’s diet:


  • Coconut oil is an excellent source of nutrition and is over 90% saturated fat, antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal.
  • Coconut oil is high in antioxidants and helps the absorption of vital minerals.
  • Coconut oil is high in fatty acids and has been proven to have health benefits.
  • Lauric acid is effective in fighting staph, especially in combination with oregano oil.  It is additionally effective in the prevention of some cancers, and is the richest source of lauric acid available at 40%.

Coconut oil also helps in digestion and improves pet’s coats.  Animals like cats and dogs would have consumed high levels of fats in the wild due to their meat diet, and unfortunately many pet foods fall short of necessary levels.  Coconut oil is a good source of these fats.  It can be applied externally on wounds and rashes in order to assist in the healing process, as well as reducing infection.  Pets love to eat coconut oil so it is incredibly easy to administer to them.  The dosage is typically about a teaspoon per 10 pounds, but make sure to gradually build up the daily dosage as it can produce flu-like symptoms if administered too fast.