Pet Health Hospital Launches The “Pet Program”

Pet HealthPet Programs Hospital has launched a social media campaign designed to both inform those interested in learning specifics of programs that are offered but additionally engage pet parents who want to follow and promote the ongoing achievement levels that their pet has crossed.  Various programs have been launched under the “Pet” moniker, including “PetStay,” “PetFit” and “PetPaws.”  Each specific engagement program uses social media postings directly from Pet Health Hospital staff to provide ongoing updates to pet parents via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Within the “PetStay” program, pets who are being boarded at Pet Health Hospital are photographed during their stay, allowing parents to log into the social media profiles and see their pet enjoying it’s time with the Pet Health Hospital veterinary staff.  The program focuses on providing pet parents who are missing their pets while they are boarded to see that their care and happiness is being taken into consideration.  In the “PetFit” program, weightloss milestones are posted alongside photographs of the pet participants, providing not only a chronological documentation of the weightloss program, but additionally providing motivation for pet owners to stick to the program guidelines, as they can see the results first hand.  Within the “PetPaws” program, pets who have left their owners and passed on are memorialized on the social media sites, providing a bit of comfort to grieving parents.

The “Pet” programs at Pet Health Hospital are unique in that they are a vehicle to keep pet parents engaged with the veterinary care of their animals.  The philosophy of Pet Health Hospital is to avoid injuries, illnesses and surgeries over the lifespan of a pet by providing engagement to the pet’s owners.  Pet care is not only taking the animal to the veterinarian when it is sick, but an ongoing program of maintenance procedures designed to keep the pet healthy.  Through the utilization of social media, Pet Health Hospital hopes to create a higher level of engagement with your pet’s care, and thus provide a greater level of service than any other veterinarian in Las Vegas, or the country.