How to choose a veterinarian in Las Vegas

 Las-Vegas-veterinarianAnyone who is new to the Las Vegas area who is looking to find a new veterinarian for their pet is faced with an overwhelming amount of choices.  When asked the question “how do you choose a veterinarian in Las Vegas” the answer should be one that provides the following:

After asking friends who they recommend, visit the veterinary office in person.  Taking someone at their word is never a good idea, as the person who you have asked for a suggestion may have simply chosen the veterinarian that is closest to their house, or who is the cheapest.  If you are looking to make the choice that is best for you and your pet, it is always a good idea to make a list of the veterinary clinics that have been recommended by people you believe care for their animals in the same way you do, then visiting them in person.  Ask to take a tour of the clinic, and to speak to the lead veterinarian in person about what makes their clinic different and better than others.  If you feel comfortable that this is the best veterinary clinic for your animal, then book an initial visit.

Is the veterinary office clean and professional? A veterinarian is a doctor for your pets, so judge them in the same ways that you would if you were choosing a doctor for yourself.  If the office is not clean and professional, with a staff that is courteous and concerned about your pet, then choose a different veterinarian.

Convenience is always a concern and should be taken into consideration if it is going to make you visit the veterinarian less often because it is too far away.  Choose a clinic that is convenient enough to your home to make the trips regularly, not only when your pet is sick or in an emergency.  Pet care is best when routine maintenance is performed, so make sure that the veterinarian you choose is not someone so far away that you would not make the drive regularly.  Additionally, request the address and phone numbers of the suggested emergency veterinary location.  If the clinic that is serving as your regular veterinarian does not keep 24 hour times, then you need to know who they suggest you see if an emergency takes place when they are closed.

Does the veterinarian seem to care? A veterinarian is a doctor and should care about the health and well-being of your pet above all else.  Talk to them and get a sense as far as their priorities, it will help you make a good choice.  There are many, many veterinarians in Las Vegas, and we want to be your first choice.