The New Breed Of Las Vegas Veterinarian

Las Vegas veterinarianMany people ask the question “What makes one veterinarian in Las Vegas better than another?” The answer is actually far more simple than you would expect.  Most veterinarians offer the same services, exams, treatments, dental, surgeries, vaccinations, and medicines, but the philosophy behind the practice is generally the way to decipher what makes one veterinarian a better fit for you than another.  It all boils down to the veterinary staff and their approach to the services that they are offering the public.

A veterinarian is a doctor for animals, and as a doctor, he or she should always realize that they are in the business of healing the body and keeping the patient as healthy as possible.  One of the negative aspects of many veterinarians is that they realize that by treating only the illnesses and injuries, while not concentrating on providing the knowledge to pet owners about how to avoid those very illnesses and injuries, they will make more money.  It is far cheaper to take a few steps to avoid a preventable illness than it is to treat the illness once it has manifest itself, and although a doctor should be concentrating on keeping his patients healthy even if it ultimately makes him less money, that thought process sometimes gets lost in the pursuit of business and profits.  Providing an ongoing maintenance program that is designed to educate pet owners about the specific and low-cost things that they should be doing at different times in their pet’s life goes against the concept of putting profits before patients, as it will generally earn far less money for the practice over time than charging for high-cost treatments and surgeries.  This is the thought process that Pet Health Hospital was founded upon, putting the health and well-being of the patients over profits for the clinic.

The best veterinarian is going to be convenient to you (which ensures that you will bring your pet into the veterinarian for regular checkups and vaccinations) as well as being full service.  This means that the clinic will be fully staffed, clean, and welcoming, as well as providing the majority of services that are typically provided by a veterinary office.  The extra features that make one veterinarian better than another are their dedication to providing the best treatment plans, education, and health programs to your pet that are available.  The best veterinarians are going to want your pet to be healthy, over and above all else.  Pet Health Hospital is that kind of veterinarian, and we sincerely hope that we can be your choice for veterinary services in Las Vegas.